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I'm practicing regularly and appearing on the course frequently, but my score isn't improving...I want to get better, but I hit a wall.At times like that, why don't you change your perspective and review your tools?Does that club suit you? [Golf 5 Prestige] conducts "club fitting" (charged) that derives "one" that matches your golf style and physical strength from analysis data using high-performance tools.Choose tools for improvement.Choose a tool that brings out your golf ability.

Collect swing data of the clubs you usually use to find out the cause of your troubles

Supporting a higher-grade golf life [Golf5Prestige] focuses on "club fitting," in which a dedicated fitter analyzes detailed data such as your swing and proposes the "best club."This time, golf history2In XNUMX, Ms. Maki Yamaguchi, whose problem is that the driver's flight distance does not increase, actually experienced "club fitting".The fitter is [Golf5Kaneko from Prestige.First, Mr. Yamaguchi puts a special sticker on the screwdriver he usually uses.By sticking this sticker, "all" of Mr. Yamaguchi's swing is collected as detailed data.Mr. Kaneko, who saw several swings and data, immediately moved to the driver's corner in the store. “The take-back is solid, and I have the impression that it is swinging properly. However, the position where the ball hits the club is not stable,” says Kaneko.

ballistic analysis tool "GC2” stands for upper, rear, and front3We shoot with cameras in several places and measure the swing trajectory, hitting point, head speed, etc.You can also find areas to improve your swing by looking at the actual data projected on the screen in front of you.

Data don't lie.Just change the club, the numbers will change

Mr. Kaneko from the sales floor, the head <PRGRMore>of"RS F Driver", and the shaft is <Mitsubishi Chemical> "GRAND BASSARA™ series. “Compared to the driver I am currently using, I chose a slightly heavier head and a stiffer, longer and lighter shaft. We combined the shaft with a slightly heavier head so that it would feel as if the head were going down naturally. said Mr. Kaneko.When Mr. Yamaguchi tried swinging a few times with the sticker attached in the same way as before, the average20~30As a result of increasing the flight distance by yards. “Compared to my usual clubs, I felt like I could swing without applying any force, and without trying to swing, I felt like I could swing naturally,” says Mr. Yamaguchi.In this way, a dedicated fitter backed by solid experience and achievements will bring out your abilities.1He suggests a book.

Mr. Kaneko says that several clubs immediately come to mind just by looking at a few swings and data. "No matter how advanced you are, there is always the best tool to improve your score.1Let's find the book together."

A putter for all amateurs. "Putter fitting" will find out even the peculiarities

Next, move to another place and experience “Putter Fitting”.First, use a regular putter5Try hitting only the ball.We will collect putting data using the latest putting diagnosis system "Put Lab", which is still very few facilities.Your putt data, such as the path of the putt, the opening and closing of the putt in your swing, the position of the putt hitting the ball, etc.Similarly, we will switch to the putter selected by Mr. Kaneko and compare the data. "Score4Although it is often said that putting is the most important putter, amateur golfers are not particular about putters.Through fitting, "By looking at the data, I was happy to know my strengths and weaknesses. When I compared them, the difference between the driver and the putter was obvious. To be honest, I was surprised. How important the tool is. It made me realize once again the importance of putters,” says Yamaguchi.As a foothold for score improvement, [Golf5Prestige] will teach you the difference between "tools".

After the fitting about the paid fitting menu3If you purchase the item within a month, the fitting fee will be refunded.You can reconsider the importance of tools through fitting and carefully consider purchasing.

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