5 recommended Korean cosmetics. Recommended by Nagoya model Nao Umemura under the theme of “skin care”



Nao Umemura, who is active as a model and influencer mainly in Nagoya, is the best “Korea Tsu” in the Nagoya model world who speaks Korean enough to be an interpreter.In addition, she has passed the Japanese Cosmetics Certification Level 1 and the Aromatherapy Certification Level 1. It is no exaggeration to say that she is second to none when it comes to connoisseurs of Korean cosmetics.She asked her to select recommended items from Korean cosmetics handled by [AINZ & TULPE].The theme is "skin care".

First of all, I chose a moisturizing cream and serum.Topic & Featured “Super Push” 2 Items

AINZ & TULPE(Ainz & Tulpe)], Mr. Umemura rushes to the Korean cosmetics zone.The first thing I picked up was <torrids> “Dive-in Soothing Cream”.In addition to ingredients that mainly have moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects, this product is easily absorbed by the skin.5D-Moisturizing cream containing complex hyaluronic acid. “I think you can use it with peace of mind even on dry and irritated skin.The next choice wasA'pieu> “Madecasso Essence”.Alcohol, fragrance, paraben, oil, and coloring agents are all "free" and gentle on the skin. “It has good ingredients and is suitable for people with sensitive skin. It has a smooth texture, but when you put it on your skin, it becomes sticky.”Highly rated as a care item to prevent rough skin.

torrids>’s “Dive-in Soothing Cream” is this year’s3Sales have just started in May.This moisturizing cream is highly rated in Korea, the beauty powerhouse.

A'pieu>teeth,"STAY PURE.” is the concept, and the attention brand that has just been renewed.It has been reborn as a beauty brand for women who shine purely forever.

Facial cleanser, pack, spot patch.Well-balanced selection of items with different roles

Next is the facial cleanser that I use myself.LAGOM> recommends “Gel to Water Cleanser”. "Although it says it's a morning facial cleanser, it can be used as a nighttime cleanser for people with light makeup. It's easy to worry about dry skin from rubbing with a mask, but after using this, I'm worried about it. It won't be!".To use, simply apply to dry skin and rinse off.It is a "time-saving" face wash that does not require foaming.I found the next recommended item as soon as possible. 〈innis free〉’s “Capsule Recipe Pack” and “〈innis free> have many hypoallergenic items, so I recommend any of the recipe packs, but if I had to choose one, I would say “# bamboo”,” says Mr. Umemura.It's a sleeping mask, so it's attractive that you can go to bed while taking care of your skin with a mask.It is an excellent product that moisturizes well while having a refreshing feeling.Finally, for those who are suffering from skin problems such as acne <VT COSMETICS>of"VT ProfessionalCICA Proposed "Clear Spot Patch".A spot patch that provides intensive care for acne scars and dullness and protects from external stimuli. “The point is to apply it before skin care so that it does not come off easily. Applying the patch makes the pimples less noticeable and makes it easier to apply makeup.”

The gel changes to a water-like texture in a blink of an eye <LAGOM> face wash “Gel to Water Cleanser”.It is refreshing and fresh, and it also features a refreshing feeling after rinsing.

innis free>'s "Capsule Recipe Pack"1~2Mini size that can be used up once.Feel free to use it according to your mood and skin condition that day.

Naturally covers pimples and blemishes inconspicuouslyVT COSMETICS>of"VT ProfessionalCICA Clear Spot Patch".You can apply makeup on top of the patch.

From the left, <innis free〉Capsule recipe pack ♯ bamboo (10 mL 250Circle),<A'pieu〉Madecasso Essence (30 mL 1,980Circle),<LAGOM〉Gel to Water Cleanser (170 mL 1,980Circle),<torrids〉Dive-in Soothing Cream (100mL 2,640Circle),<VT COSMETICS>VT ProfessionalCICA clear spot patch (48Pie 650Circle)

[AINZ&TULPE] picks up 2 recommended "skin care" items!

Select shop for cosmetics and drugs【AINZ & TULPE(Ainz & Tulpe)] recommended products other than Korean cosmetics under the theme of "skin care".first1Item number is <AYURA> serum “Rhythm Concentrate α”.A beauty essence that conditions the skin, keeps it lustrous and healthy, and makes the skin moist and springy every day.The soothing aromatic herb scent is also attractive.Next, select “medicated lotion” and “medicated cream” from <Moisuhada>.This is an item jointly developed by Ein Group and Rohto Pharmaceutical. "Medicated lotion" has an all-in-one function of lotion, milky lotion, and serum, so this1The book makes daily skin care even easier.Through skin care, it works on the foundation of the skin and nurtures the "skin's own moisturizing power".

From the left, <AYURA〉Rhythm Concentrate α (40 mL 8,800yen), <Moisuhada> medicated cream (35g 1,980yen), <Moisuhada> medicated lotion (140 mL 1,980Circle)

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