Outerwear is the top priority when it comes to autumn women's fashion.Find the leading role of coordination!



For autumn coordination, invest in advance from the outerwear that will be the leading role.Outerwear that can be used all the way through the winter, as well as light outerwear that can be used as an inner layer in the winter, is now the “best time to buy”.First of all, wear a versatile outerwear that has the power to decide on coordination.Why don't you assemble the direction of this year's autumn / winter fashion from there?Introducing the 2022 autumn/winter women's outerwear and recommended coordination found at the Dai-Nagoya Building.

With all black MA-1, you can wear it cool without being too casual.


Outerwear with work and military elements is an item that gives an edge to your coordination.Above all, it can be said that it is a representative of the military "MA-1Type", so it goes well with denim pants.If you are a woman, choose an oversized fit and slightly drop your shoulders for a relaxed look.All black instead of the standard khakiMA-1The jacket doesn't look too military, so it goes well with skirts and dresses without feeling out of place.Patches on the chest, chain embroidery on the back, etc.MOUNTAIN RESEARCH> The detail work unique to collaboration items with is also excellent.

DENHAM×MOUNTAIN RESEARCH>Jacket88,000circle,<DENHAM〉Denim pants58,300Yen, others are stylist's personal property

Layered is the key to balance the length.Short jacket style sample

3F |nest Robe / CONFECT

nest Robe / CONFECT] introduces a layered (layered) coordination that can be said to be a model. Short length jackets are very useful for layering, where the balance of "length" is important.The tunic is the longest, followed by a knit vest, and finally a jacket with the shortest length, making the most of the fun of layering.For bottoms, adjust the volume of the top and bottom by matching denim pants with a wide silhouette.While the oversized trendy coordination, the color coordination with a sense of unity and the excellent accent colors give a sense of elegance.

Jackets27,500circle, vest28,600circle, tunic25,300Yen, denim pants20,900circle, sock3,190All over yen <nest Robe>, 〈SANDERS>shoes53,900Yen

A rich look with different textures.Black x white advanced layered coordination

3F |nest Robe / CONFECT

Using a short length jacket in a different color than before, it creates a completely different atmosphere.While it's a perfect monotone outfit with only black and white, by combining items with different textures such as a jacket, vest, and dress, it's an expressive three-dimensional look.In the girly atmosphere of the one-piece dress with the impressive ribbon on the chest and the lace pants, the casualness of the brushed fabric jacket is added to create a relaxed and ennui atmosphere.You can feel the ease of use of the short length jacket with an orthodox design.

Jackets27,500circle, vest28,600circle, one piece33,000Circle, pants24,200All over yen <nest Robe>, 〈PARABOOT VILLETTE>shoes69,300Yen, the inner turtleneck is the staff's personal property

Playfulness in the "neat feeling".Coordination that makes you feel mature and relaxed


A set-up outfit that combines a tailored jacket with pants made of the same material.As an item, it is a combination that can be said to be a representative of "neatness", but [β LADIES & MEN] jacket is a bit different.A nylon hood is docked on the jacket.By adding the essence of sports, the jacket has just the right amount of looseness.This will make you feel more mature, and will give you a more mature look.The feet are put together with black sneakers to complete a “sports mix” style that is not overdone.

Jackets55,000circle, tank top9,900Circle, pants29,700Yen All <β>, others are stylist's personal property

A muffler that can be used as a jacket.In addition to high-profile functional items


In recent years, more and more brands are releasing scarves as items with excellent functionality and design.In particular, the long muffler that can be used as a jacket is the most popular item.It's easy to put on and take off, and it's warmer than it looks, making it perfect for winter in the city where the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is extreme.Even if it is a single item, it has a strong presence, so be careful not to overdo it when adding it to your outfit. [β LADIES & MEN] proposes an urban sporty-chic style by combining sweatshirts and line pants.

Scarf42,900circle, sweatshirt33,000Circle, pants31,900Yen above all <β>

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  • Outerwear is the top priority when it comes to autumn women's fashion.Find the leading role of coordination!