"Quality" only for adults who know the essence.Leather goods brand shop [PELLE MORBIDA] opens



[PELLE MORBIDA], which opened on the 2nd floor of the Dai-Nagoya Building, is a flagship shop of a leather product brand that means "soft skin (leather)" in Italian.Starting with the original shrink leather that is the foundation of the brand, we have developed global standard leather products that combine durability and functionality by carefully selecting materials, as well as thoroughly pursuing details.The "casual quality" overflowing from the inside of the product is suitable for adults who know the essence.

Leather products that can be used with long-lasting attachment, linking materials, functions and designs

Leather products such as bags and wallets are fashion items that are indispensable in our daily lives.Therefore, when choosing leather products, it is important to consider whether they can be used for a long time.10Month28Sunday (Friday), Dai Nagoya Building2Fopened in [PELLE MORBIDA] is a flagship shop of a leather product brand that fulfills such important things.The brand name, which means "soft skin (leather)" in Italian, was inspired by the beautiful and soft skin of the leading actress in the movie "Encounter", which depicts a love story on a luxury liner.The image is also followed in the original shrink leather that is the basis of the brand.

The 2022 Fall/Winter collection is "BASQUE" that incorporates jacquard weaving.

PELLE MORBIDA] carefully selects the materials so that you can use them with a long attachment.In addition, we pursue the appearance and function thoroughly down to the smallest detail, and do not dare to follow fashions and trends.While incorporating a modern sense in a well-balanced manner, we aim to create leather products that are a “global standard”.The durability and functionality required for leather products are also sufficient.The more you use it, the more you will understand it, and you should be able to feel the high quality that overflows from the inside.for example,2022autumn and winter "BASQUE(Basque) Collection” is inspired by the traditional fabrics of the Basque region, the border between Spain and France, and uses a special jacquard weave.By making full use of Japanese weaving technology, we have achieved a three-dimensional and expressive border pattern.

"Flap tote bag" (69,300yen), "tote bag" (34,100Circle).together,2022New autumn/winter XNUMX "BASQUEIt's a collection item.

A wide variety of items that suit adult lifestyles, where you can find what you were looking for

There are various types of bags, from versatile items such as tote bags, handbags, and Boston bags, to fashionable clutch bags, brief bags for business scenes, and casual backpacks.For businessmen who imaged the captain who is the chief executive of the ship "Captain(Capitano)", and "" which develops only accessories that can be used as one of the coordination while maintaining the world view of the bag.Barca(Barca)” and other products are available in various series according to the purpose and image.What is common to all is that it is an elegant and high-quality item for mature adults who seek "quality of life".A long-lasting leather product brand that is not swayed by trends has joined the Dai-Nagoya Building.

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