Total support for your golf life!A golf zone is born on the 2nd floor of the Dai Nagoya Building



On April 4th (Wednesday), 19 new golf wear and goods shops will be added to the 2nd floor of the Dai Nagoya Building, and a new golf zone will be born on the 3nd floor!It has been reborn as a zone that can fully support your “golf life” with a total lineup of not only functional but also well-designed apparel, the latest golf goods, clubs and bags.To commemorate the birth, an opening campaign will be held until June 2th (Thursday).Whether you want to start playing golf or want to improve, don't forget to check it out.

[April 4 (Wednesday) OPEN] BEAMS GOLF


We propose a new golf style with the interpretation of <BEAMS> golf wear that combines fashion and functionality.Not only apparel, but also highly fashionable items such as golf gear and accessories are available.In addition, we actively hold pop-up shops for popular brands, and send out proposal power and trendy golf styles.4Month19From Sunday (Wednesday), to commemorate the opening <ELECTRIC GOLF(Electric Golf)> will be pre-sold.

<Open commemorative privilege> 20234Month19Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month23The period until (day), "BEAMS CLUB"Member" points are normal2will be doubled.

[April 4th (Wednesday) OPEN] Jun and Rope

2F | Jun and Rope

Based on the orthodox ballroom golf style, we added a modern essence with functionality and materials to propose a "classic yet new" men's golf style.It asserts individuality with a “neo-classic” world view that shines in the golf scene.again,""FUN”ction GOLFAlso pay attention to the women's line based on the concept of "the fun of being stylish and the functionality that supports high performance".Wear that combines functionality with a playful pop design is available.

Dai Nagoya Building_Jun and Rope_main image

<Open commemorative benefits> During the period,33,000"Original laundry pouch" will be given to those who purchase more than yen (tax included)

*First-come, first-served basis50Limited to people * It will end as soon as it runs out.

[April 4th (Wednesday) OPEN] BANDEL


The brand's first <BANDEL> concept store.We also have accessories that improve physical performance, including golf apparel and gear that combine stylish monotone designs with the functionality of sportswear.It not only approaches fashion, but also provides total support for golf as a sport.BANDELYou can fully experience the charm of >.

Dai Nagoya Building_Bandel_Main Image

<Open commemorative benefits> During the period,27,500A “gift set” will be given to those who purchase more than yen (tax included)

*The gift set is a marker2pcs, tee3The book will be stored in a pouch. *It will end as soon as it is gone.

Make your golf life more fun!We introduce item of new golf zone attention

The Golf Zone stores are stocked with clothing, gear, and accessories that will make your golf life “more fun.” "golf5Prestige", "DESCENTE BLANC","TENTIAL” introduces this season’s recommended products.

<HORN GARMENT> Caddy bag (107,800 yen)


Synthetic leather material with texture,ARCHIVEI printed the pattern in a pop.It is made considering the needs of players, such as pockets that use cold insulation material and pockets that can store rainwear. <Recommended for Father's Day gifts>

<GENTIL BANDIT> cart bag (22,000 yen each)


Cart bags with camouflage patterns in classy colors are just the right size and easy to use.original on the bodyPVC , which is lightweight and durable.In addition, the inside is lined with cotton canvas material for durability and lightness. <Recommended for Father's Day gifts>

<DESCENTE> Polo shirt (29,700 yen) [MEN]


A half-sleeve polo shirt with an ergonomic performa cut that follows complex body movements.In addition, pleated mesh parts are placed on the back for good ventilation and comfortable wear even in summer. <Recommended for Father's Day gifts>

<DESCENTE GOLF> Mock neck shirt (13,200 yen) [MEN]


The mock neck shirt with the logo on the front is a simple design that matches any golf style.The high functionality is also attractive, made using tricot mesh material with stretchability and contact cooling function.

<TENTIAL> Recovery sleep wear [top and bottom set] (17,600 yen)


Special functional fibers kneaded with ceramic powder "SELFLAME(R)” wear.Just by wearing it and sleeping, you can recover your body and mind, and support your daily performance and health.It has excellent moisture absorption and quick drying properties, so you can wear it comfortably even on hot days. <Recommended for Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts>


<TENTIAL> recovery sandals (7,480 yen)


Developed with stability and durability to the left and rightEVASandals made with materials are extremely comfortable to wear.In addition, it has a moderate softness that absorbs shock and reduces the burden on your feet.The design makes it easy to wear in any occasion. <Recommended for Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts>

<Open commemorative privilege> 2023% off all items until April 4, 23 (Sun)

Get a 2,000 yen OFF coupon by registering as a LINE friend! "Golf Zone Exclusive Coupons" will be distributed from April 4 (Wednesday)

In commemoration of the birth of the new golf zone, the Dai Nagoya Building will distribute a "Golf Zone Exclusive Coupon" from April 4 (Wednesday).Dai Nagoya BuildingLINEIf you register the official account as a friend, you can use it on a first-come, first-served basis.500limited to name2,000YenOFFCoupon available.In addition, if you use the "Golf Zone Exclusive Coupon", you can use the "Golf Zone Exclusive Coupon+” can be obtained.Coupon target store is Dai Nagoya Building2F Of6Store (Golf5PRESTIGE, BEAMS GOLF, Jun & Rope,BANDEL,DESCENTE BLANC,TENTIAL).

※"Coupon for exclusive use of golf zone & Coupon for exclusive use of golf zone+” will be provided as a Dai-Nagoya coupon (electronic coupon).

※"Coupon for exclusive use of golf zone & Coupon for exclusive use of golf zone+"2FGolf5PRESTIGE, BEAMS GOLF, Jun & Rope,BANDEL,DESCENTE BLANC ,TENTIAL Of6Only for in-store use. "Golf zone exclusive coupon"1per accounting15,000Yen (tax included) or more, "Golf zone exclusive coupon+Is1per accounting10,000For yen (tax included) or more1Can be used multiple times.Each1people1one time only.

※"Coupon for exclusive use of golf zone & Coupon for exclusive use of golf zone+” are first-come, first-served500Limited to first name.

* To use the Dai Nagoya Coupon, you need to register as a member (free of charge) on the site dedicated to the Dai Nagoya Coupon.

*Coupons may end without notice.

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