The school bag which <PERRE MORBIDA> deals with for the first time.Casual quality for children



"Randoseru shopping season" is getting faster and faster.It is also known as “running activity” and is said to be at its peak during Golden Week.School bags that children use for 6 years are now in the era of “differentiation”.The leather product brand <PELLE MORBIDA> released its first randoseru in the 10th anniversary year of the brand.It draws attention to its high-quality finish.

Something different, with a little personality. <PELLE MORBIDA> school bag of the whole body

We work on bags and leather products inspired by adults who enjoy "cruising", which is called the ideal form of travel.PELLE MORBIDA>.from birth10This year marks the turning point of the year, and the brand's first randoseru was released.For children attending elementary school, randoseru is like a business bag. 〈PELLE MORBIDA> has cultivated both design and function, and the casual quality that is created from it, a special school bag that celebrates the new “launch” of children has been completed.

Coloring isPELLE MORBIDA> Black and greige, which are also the standard colors of2Prepare colors.Black uses ivory and blue as accent colors2Orange is used as an accent color for color development and graige.By using artificial leather "Clarino F" that reproduces the beautiful wrinkles of cowhide, it achieves "lightness" that cannot be achieved with natural cowhide.Although it is light, it has a texture like cowhide.PELLE MORBIDA> Makes you feel the commitment.

"school bag[ESL001]"(each93,500Yen) is available as a made-to-order product.Black x ivory, black x blue, greige x orange3color development.A key holder, spiral cord, whistle, and rain cover are included as accessories.from the purchase6Comes with a yearly free repair guarantee (some damages and failures are not covered by the guarantee).

A well-thought-out design that pursues usability as a school bag

children6School bags that are used all year round require strength and safety.The shoulder belt has an adjuster function that can be adjusted by sliding it to the width of the shoulders, and the "Fit-chan" rise that is devised to fit the back is designed to distribute the weight load.In addition, the main body has a shape-correcting process called “Firm-kun” that prevents it from collapsing and breaking, and the lock has a “Mira-kuru-lock” that can be turned in either direction to unlock, pursuing strength and ease of use.In addition, the side, shoulder, and handle are equipped with reflectors, and on the right side of the main unit is a <PELLE MORBIDA> comes with a whistle that symbolizes the brand theme of "cruising".This whistle not only can actually blow, but alsoIDGreat for storing cards.Fully functional <PELLE MORBIDAPlease try the charm of the randoseru from > first.

On the back of the flap, <PELLE MORBIDA> icon is printed on the front, which is based on the concept of “cruising”.A message for many encounters and growth of children is included.

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