<Magic Number x BEAMS GOLF> 3rd collaboration.Outstanding attention, summer relaxation wear is released!



The collaboration line <OCEAN TURF CLUB> of the brand <MAGIC NUMBER>, which has a deep connection with the sea, and the golf brand <BEAMS GOLF>, has released the long-awaited 3rd item.The logo mark has been renewed from this series, and the new design approach embodies the policy of "feel what you like with your entire body and never forget to appreciate nature."Gaze monopoly on the golf course? !Golf wear and sportswear that can be used around town.

Even a town use makes an outstanding performance!A fulfilling apparel collection that will be ready for action from tomorrow

A brand that strives to create products that are suitable for all environments, regardless of city, nature, or country.MAGIC NUMBER>When<BEAMS GOLF> Collaboration line <OCEAN TURF CLUB> from3Bullet items are released all at once.An open collar shirt and easy shorts set up with the popular circle logo on leopard sage mesh fabric will be completed as an irregular “three piece” by adding a safari hat of the same fabric.There is no doubt that it will attract attention not only in the city but also at the golf course!Also, the3Refurbished from bullet <OCEAN TURF CLUB〉 logo, the tech series is water-absorbing, quick-drying,UVcut(90%), easy care and washer nylon with anti-pilling function.The fabric has a unique wrinkled feel that gives it a mature look.Here are easy shorts, hats and caps3Expand items.Furthermore, the nylon series, which goes right in the middle of the outdoor boom,SEE YOU ON THE TURF”The embroidery works as a design accent.

OCEAN TURF CLUB〉Circle Logo Open Collar Shirt (18,700circle), circle logo easy shorts (16,500circle), circle logo hat (8,250Circle)

OCEAN TURF CLUB> Stretch Easy Shorts (each17,600circle), stretch sunshade cap (each9,900circle), stretch hat (each9,900Circle)

OCEAN TURF CLUB〉Nylon Easy Shorts (each14,300circle), nylon jet cap (each7,700yen), ball bag (each6,600Circle)

Environmentally friendly "upcycle".Golf gear with brand themes also available

Also pay attention to the golf gear created by upcycling the golf bag that was developed last season.Special head covers that are hand-cut and carefully sewn by craftsmen are also available.The outer material is durable canvas, and the lining is a mesh material with cushioning properties.White and neon yellow that both shine on the golf course2Colors are available.surfing<MAGIC NUMBER〉 and golf 〈BEAMS GOLF>.this2The common point of the brand is that "we are allowed to play in nature".A collection full of fun and maximum respect,2023Make it a strong ally of the summer active scene.All the items are already available at the store, so if you're interested, hurry up and head over to [Beams Golf Dai-Nagoya Building].

OCEAN TURF CLUB〉Head cover (for each driver16,500circle, wood14,300yen, utility12,100Circle)

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  • <Magic Number x BEAMS GOLF> 3rd collaboration.Outstanding attention, summer relaxation wear is released!