Health care with a necklace? ! Do you know <BANDEL> health care necklace?



In the spring of 2023, the golf wear brand <BANDEL> will join the 2nd floor of the Dai Nagoya Building.In fact, one of the main products of this brand is not only clothing, but also "Health Care Necklace" that supports the performance of athletes, and "Boostek Accessories" that use the brand's original patented technology to improve physical ability.Health care with a necklace? !What is the identity of the necklace that is supported by top athletes?

Strong magnetic force up to 140mT.A necklace that promotes stiff shoulders and neck, blood circulation, and improves performance.

BANDEL> health care necklace, the famous flagship model is "EARTH(earth)”.Max140mTThis product, which has a powerful built-in magnet called (millitesla), has been certified as a controlled medical device, and is recognized for its effectiveness in improving blood circulation and stiffness in the shoulders and neck. "EARTH(Earth)" is a light and strong titanium head and12Model featuring XNUMX strong samarium-cobalt magnets.designed on the head <BANDEL〉's trademark "Octus" is a single circle of octagons, which is a symbol of good luck and power, and shows that the power gathered at the center spreads in all directions.In addition, the health care necklace,200mT There are various products with different shapes and designs, such as the high-power ultra-thin loop “Loop Fit Plus” that boasts a high power, and the “Neutral” that is equipped with a magnet that is resistant to heat and rust.

BANDEL〉Magnetic Necklace EARTH(each22,000circle).the length of the loop is47cm and52cm Of2types are available.

Performance gear that feels like an accessory, making full use of BANDEL's patented technology.

Introduced nextboostech(Boostek) accessories” improve physical ability <BANDEL> Items that use patented technology.It is attracting attention as a "performance gear" that improves balance, flexibility, speed, and power, which are important as athletic abilities.Among them, "REACT(React)” seriesBANDELIt is no exaggeration to say that it is one of the representative items of .Based on black and white monotone, it has a cool design with neon colors such as pink and green, and it seems that many professional golfers and athletes are regular users. 〈BANDELIt is also attractive that the price range is affordable for those who want to wear items for the first time.

BANDEL>REACT Bracelet(each4,400Circle).S-M-L Of3Expand size.Black x White, White x Black, Black x Green, Black x Yellow, Black x Pink5All colors are available.

We are also selling rare limited T-shirts that can only be purchased at the “Dai Nagoya Building Store”

The brand's first concept store, Dai Nagoya Building's [BANDEL], as a store limited itemTShirts are also on sale.Short sleeves made of highly elastic and absorbent materialT<BANDEL〉 logo and the trademark “Octus” on the right sleeve, but the print is actually reflective.Nonchalantly asserting individuality <BANDEL> seems like thisTThe shirts are only available in-store.Because it is a small-lot production, it will be discontinued as soon as it runs out, so if you want it, buy it early.

BANDEL>Tshirt (each6,600circle).Color is black and white2color,S-M-L-XLIt becomes the size development of.

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