A quality way to spend long autumn nights [Great Nagoya Building for Adults vol.2]



In autumn, when the nights are getting longer, why not spend a romantic holiday at Dai Nagoya Building?After checking out popular wellness brands and high-quality watches, we'll finish off with dinner and wine from a famous restaurant...We will introduce a model course where you can enjoy the long autumn nights, perfect for adults who know the essence of such things.

15:00|Shopping at the trending wellness brand [TENTIAL]


I wandered around the hall for a while before meeting.Check out TENTIAL, a popular wellness brand whose recovery wear "BAKUNE" supports a good night's sleep.BAKUNE is made from special functional fibers that are expected to promote blood circulation while wearing it, and is sure to support a healthy daily life.This time, we selected this long-sleeved T-shirt (navy) from the "BAKUNE Dry" series as a gift for him this fall.

Another great thing about the official store is that you can actually experience the products.Recommended not only for yourself but also as a gift.

A long-sleeved T-shirt from the "BAKUNE Dry" series (10,450 yen) [unisex] with high moisture absorption and quick-drying properties that makes it smooth and comfortable to wear.Available in four colors: navy, black, dark khaki, and beige.

15:30|Go to [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison] to buy the watch you were interested in

XNUMX/XNUMXF | JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

One of the largest luxury watch zones in Japan, with approximately 90 brands of watches. On the first floor, famous brands are lined up, and you can find your favorite while trying them on. Try on the ``Longines Primarna'' by LONGINES, a Swiss watch brand with a history of over 1 years. ``Primarna'' means ``exquisite moon'' in French, and was designed as an homage to the scene of the shining moon.The adorable design is gaining popularity.

Swiss watches with high technology and history that value manufacturing and are suitable for adults. <LONGINES> Women's watch "Longines Prima Luna" (248,600 yen). *The listed products are available at 1F <Longines>.

The store that carries LONGINES also carries other brands such as BREITLING and BAUME & MERCIER.

17:30|For dinner, go to “Yakiniku restaurant without meat” [Yakiuo Ishikawa]

3F|Grilled Uo Ishikawa

[Tsukiji Aozora Third Generation] A new genre of ``meatless yakiniku restaurant'' that founder Tainobu Ishikawa devised over seven years.The fragrant bluefin tuna fatty tuna on top of the famous ``Sanshokudon'' is thick and melt-in-the-mouth in a special roaster.You can feel the essence of "Yakiuo" which is not just Yakiniku.Pair it with a natural wine that has a refreshing taste, and the alcoholic beverages will go well.

“Blissful Three-Colored Rice Bowl + Omakase Course” (1 yen per person)."MO Roth NV" in the front of the photo (13,600 yen for a glass of wine) and "Same River Twice Rosé 1,000" (21 yen for a glass of wine) in the back of the photo.

Bluefin tuna fatty tuna that is served after the sashimi is quickly grilled.It also goes great with carefully selected natural wines. *Part of the "Blissful Three-Colored Rice Bowl + Omakase Course".

19:30|The second restaurant is [Wine Shop Enoteca] where you can enjoy a drink during the long autumn nights.

B1F | Wine Shop Enoteca

A wine specialty store that carries a wide variety of wines, from carefully selected high-quality wines from around the world such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Italy, to everyday wines that can be easily enjoyed.The shop has a counter bar, which is perfect for relaxing with a glass after your meal. From over 400 brands, the staff will help you choose wine that matches your taste and season, making it a great souvenir.

At the counter bar, you can enjoy just one glass, and enjoy the perfect taste for autumn. "Glass of white wine" (1 yen), "Mixed olive" (990 yen).

The staff will suggest wines that suit your tastes.You can also feel free to consult with us.

<CHECK> I love the sophisticated <BREITLING> watch that makes my wrist shine.

XNUMXF|JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

"Navitimer" by BREITLING, which is very popular all over the world.It has a cool, slightly large size and features a unisex design.The calming burgundy alligator strap brings intelligence and elegance to your wrist just by wearing it.

<BREITLING> "Navitimer Automatic 35" (583,000 yen). *The listed products are available at 1F <Breitling>.

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