A special collaboration event between BEAMS GOLF and CLUBHAUS will be held at Dai Nagoya Building.



After the pop-up event "The Foursome" by four domestic brands that are leading the Japanese golf fashion scene, which attracted attention last year, this year's event is "Twosome" by BEAMS GOLF and CLUBHAUS. I'll be back with a collaboration event. This event will only be held at two [Beams Golf] Yurakucho and Dai Nagoya Building stores.

<MALBON GOLF> Pay attention to the specially ordered “triple name” items!

Of this time"Twosome``The focus of the collaboration event is the American golf brand〈MALBON GOLF(Maruhon Golf) A limited edition item made to order.prepared for this event3Special items from the brand “Triple Name” are now available in stores.Gaining popularity among highly sensitive golfersMALBON GOLFThe collaboration with 〉 is rare and attracts a lot of attention.Don't miss this event where you can experience the cutting edge of Japanese golf fashion.

<Period>2023Years10 Month7Sunday (Sat) -10Month15Sun (Sun)

<Location> Dai Nagoya Building Shops & Restaurants2F[Beams Golf Dai Nagoya Building Store]

*For one person1per item1Only one item can be purchased (purchasing different colors or sizes is not possible).

*We do not respond to inquiries regarding details of available items, number of items in stock, or number of items in stock.

*Regardless of whether inside or outside the store, we will refuse the sale if we see anyone giving or receiving money or goods.

*On the first day, if there are many people in line, we will distribute numbered tickets (you can use your ownBEAMS CLUB card orBEAMS CLUBMobile card required.(You cannot join on the day).

BEAMS CLUB We do not allow diversion of the card.

*After purchase, we cannot accept returns or exchanges due to the customer's convenience.If the product is defective, we will not provide a replacement.We will only accept refunds.Please note.

*We are not responsible for any troubles between customers.If you do not follow the instructions and precautions of staff/personnel, you may be refused entry.You may also be asked to leave the venue.

*Due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, the event may be canceled or postponed without notice.In that case, transportation costs and accommodation costs to the venue will not be compensated.Please note.



BEAMS GOLF×CLUBHAUS×MALBON GOLF〉Sweat hoodie (26,400Circle).

*Prices posted on the website are
All prices include tax. 
* The posted information is as of the date of information disclosure.
Please note.

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