This is enough.MONOEARTH, a brand that considers an earth-friendly lifestyle



Located on the B1F of Dai Nagoya Building, right next to the Dinard entrance. MONOEARTH is a household goods store that just opened in September 2023. What is MONOEARTH, a brand that is based on the concept of “the only thing necessary on earth” and considers an earth-friendly lifestyle through its products?We immediately sneaked into the store, which is the first directly managed store in the Tokai area.

What you need, as much as you need.A product that reconsiders the relationship between things and lifestyle.

Those who know sufficiency will have abundance. <MONOEARTHThis proverb is the origin of 〉.As a result of overproduction in pursuit of price, it is important to reconsider the earth, which is overflowing with unnecessary things.MONOEARTHIt is a brand called 〉. We propose an earth-friendly lifestyle through products that convey the message, "This is enough."MONOEARTH>’s representative products are “fragrance” items.Perfume (eau de parfum) using bioethanol derived from millet, aroma diffusers containing original fragrances, fabric mist, etc. are lined up in stores.The scents include ``Oriental White Tea,'' which is inspired by white tea that is slowly fermented using only the power of tea leaves, and ``Japanese White Tea,'' which is enveloped in the gorgeous scent of Japanese tea and flowers, all of which are easy to get along with and will fit into your daily life. It's all about things.

MONOEARTH〉Old Parfum (50ml 8,000yen), roll-on perfume (10ml 3,300Circle).

MONOEARTH〉Aroma diffuser (150ml 4,500), diffuser refill (400ml 5,500circle), fabric mist (200ml 1,980Circle).

We have a lineup of practical "daily" products that are closely related to everyday life.

In addition, there are cosmetic items made with Moringa oil such as hand creams, body sprays, and hair conditioners, as well as organic cotton room wear and towels, all displayed in a spacious manner.We carefully consider each item, and we also have a lineup with a limited number of products and variations.MONOEARTH〉ness.In addition, the product packaging has a simple and functional design without excessive decoration.When you're inside the store, it's as if you're taking an extraordinary time, where you reevaluate your lifestyle and think about what you really need. <MONOEARTH〉 is a brand that thinks about “things” through “things.”

The product design gives off a sense of cleanliness, which is why it quietly fits into your daily life.It also gave me an opportunity to think about my own lifestyle, which I had been ignoring.

MONOEARTHThe Dai Nagoya Building store is the fourth directly managed store in the company, following Tokyo (Shinjuku) and Osaka (Umeda/Namba).This is a store where you can experience the brand's concept.

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