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Get your clubs right and wear the right clothes.After lots of practice, he made his debut on the course.For those of you who are steadily progressing on your path to becoming an amateur golfer.You want to improve your golf skills, you want to stand out from other golfers, you want convenient items...these thoughts are probably beginning to emerge little by little. We asked [Golf 5 Prestige].Please tell us your recommended golf goods that will make you stand out from others!

Customize your own putter with approximately 30,000 possibilities

An aerospace parts company in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture uses a machining center to1The highest quality putter, carved out one by one.ZENITH PUTTER(Zenith putter).The putters here are basically “full custom.”A professional fitter performs a careful fitting using numerical values ​​and data, and the putter derived from the combination of head, neck, lie angle, shaft, etc. is approximately30,000It will also be on the street.An overwhelming sense of trust and presence that can only be expected from a brand that specializes in putters.The luxurious appearance is also eye-catching.A putter that is just for you, which is necessary for putting, which is said to have the most influence on scores.

ZENITH PUTTER〉Custom putter (160,000Yen ~).

A ball pouch that is designed not only for its appearance, but also for its ease of removal.

It was designed with the theme of being easy to take out even when wearing gloves, and allowing you to take out the ball in any situation.Resurrection(Resurrection)〉 ball pouch “Cettia(Settia).”The form is a standard semicircular, ball shape.2The key point is that when you store the balls, there is a little room inside, and this little room makes it easier to take out the balls.Furthermore, by designing the case to be a little deeper, there is more space for the fingers to bend, reducing the feeling of tightness when gripping the ball.The highly fashionable and elegant design and wide variety of colors are also attractive.

Resurrection〉Ball pouch (each5,280Circle).

A professional laser distance measuring device that supports “accuracy” in golf.

A laser distance measuring device that accurately determines the distance to the pin and supports play. <bushnell(Bushnell)'s "Pinseeker Pro"X3Jolt” is2023Of yearPGATour usage rate93.3This is a high-performance model that has been certified by professionals.The maximum distance that the pin flag can be measured is600yard.In addition to slope calculations, it takes into account factors such as temperature and altitude (barometric pressure) to determine the recommended distance to hit.It has a completely waterproof design that is tough to use, and when linked with a dedicated smartphone app, you can change settings and manage scores from the app.It is sure to take your golf to the next level.

bushnell〉Pin Seeker ProX3Jolt (83,600Circle).

It makes a difference because it's a place you can't see.The secret behind the shoe’s “insole”

Based on a theoretical background based on podiatric medicine, we created a three-dimensional structure to properly support the foot.SUPERfeet(Superfeet)> insole.Excessive pronation is a major problem with modern people's feet./Overpronation” (*1) will restore the original efficient movement of your feet and protect you from foot problems.We offer appropriate insoles to suit your foot concerns, various shoe shapes, and types of sports.Because it is a place inside the shoe that cannot be seen from the outside, the "difference" has a great impact on play. <SUPERfeetPlease try our premium insoles.

(*1) overpronation/Overpronation: A condition in which the ankle is tilted inward when walking.

SUPERfeet〉Insole (each6,600Yen ~).

Bring out the power of your core.Accessories that are highly popular among athletes

Core stability and flexibility are important for achieving high performance in sports. <COREFOCEAll of Core Force's accessories use a unique special ingredient called Core Force Powder, which helps bring out the potential of the wearer's core.The representative product “Core Force Loop” is50cm70cm Of2Prepare the size.Magnetism is embedded throughout the loop, so you can adjust the length of the necklace, bracelet, or anklet as you wish by adjusting the adhesive position.The sophisticated design that does not give an overly sporty feel is also a key point of choice.

COREFOCE〉Core Force Loop (27,500Yen ~).

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