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Dai Nagoya Building's Christmas season will run from Wednesday, November 2023, 11 to Monday, December 8, 12. Check out the illuminations on the 25th floor sky garden, as well as the Christmas content for shopping and gourmet food.Here we will introduce gift items, from gifts to reward yourself for all your hard work over the past year to Christmas gifts to give to someone special.When shopping, don't forget to use the LINE Friends Limited Reward Gift & Christmas Gift Coupon.

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  1. <CITIZEN> xC (132,000 yen) / <Hamilton> Jazzmaster Skeleton Auto (185,900 yen) [MEN] / <RADO> True Square Automatic Open Heart (405,900 yen) / <FREDERIQUE CONSTANT> Classic Carre Automatic Heartbeat (214,500 yen) [MEN]

    Clock 1FJR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

    Clock 2FJR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

  2. <LAZARE DIAMOND> Necklace [FL796PN1.6] (179,300 yen) / <LAZARE DIAMOND> Eternity ring [Matinee PRH] (from 251,900 yen)

    Shopping 2FLazar Diamond Boutique

  3. <MONOEARTH> Hydro Perfume Eau De Parfum & Atomizer Set (11,000 yen) / <MONOEARTH> Pure Moringa Seed Oil/30 (6,600 yen)

    Shopping B1Fmono earth

  4. <AYURA> Aroma Hand [50g] (1,980 yen) / <AYURA> Meditation Bath t [300mL] (2,200 yen)

    Beauty & service B1FAINZ & TULPE

  5. <HALISON x Kamakura Shirt> Ultimate socks wool socks long hose (1,980 yen each) [MEN] / <Maker's Shirt Kamakura> Cordovan business card holder (14,300 yen)

    Shopping B1FMaker's shirt kamakura

  6. <IL BISONTE> Wallet (33,000 yen each) / <IL BISONTE> Boston bag (72,600 yen)

    Shopping 2FIl Bisonte

  7. <Kaneko Megane> Eyewear [KC-92YL] (41,800 yen) [MEN] / <Kaneko Megane> Eyewear [KMP-08CGY] (74,800 yen) [MEN]


  8. <BEAMS GOLF> Boa head cover (6,820 - 8,250 yen) / <BEAMS GOLF> Tour pro caddy bag 2 (74,800 yen)

    Golf 2Fbeams golf

  9. <BANDEL> Healthcare Necklace Earth [Cosmic Edition] (24,200 yen) / <BANDEL> Healthcare Necklace [Galaxy] (27,500 yen)

    Golf 2FBANDEL

  10. <BETTINARDI> Head cover set (66,000 yen)

    Golf 2FGolf 5 Prestige

  11. <TENTIAL> [General medical equipment] BAKUNE top and bottom set (24,200 yen)

    Shopping 2FTENTIAL

  12. <DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN> Down jacket (121,000 yen)

    Shopping 2FDESCENTE BLANC Nagoya

  13. <DENHAM> Mohair knit cardigan (59,400 yen each) [MEN] / <DENHAM> Down jacket (132,000 yen) [MEN]

    Shopping 2FDENHAM

  14. <β> Socks (2,530 yen each) [MEN] / <β Men> Neoprene mini tote bag (17,600 yen)

    Shopping 2Fβ LADIES & MEN

  15. <PELLE MORBIDA> Tote bag [JECT010] (53,900 yen each) / <PELLE MORBIDA> Wallet [BA611] (49,500 yen)

    Shopping 2FPELLE MORBIDA

  16. <nest Robe> Lambswool scarf (7,480 yen each) / <nest Robe> Wool linen glen check half coat (77,000 yen)

  17. <TOM FORD> Eyewear (49,000 yen) [MEN]

    Shopping B1FHeart Up Vision Square

  18. Diamond & rock crystal pendant (1,210,000 yen)

    Shopping 3FArts & Antiques Miarca

  19. Name embroidery (from 1,650 yen)

    Beauty & Service 2FForm Eye & Rich

  20. Gift certificate (16,500 yen - 110,000 yen) / Custom knit (1 piece 16,500 yen -)

    Shopping 2FGINZA Global Style COMFORT

  21. You can choose from 11 locations on the whole body!Hair removal experience course (1,000 yen)

    Beauty & Service 3FEsthetic TBC

  22. Get a 3,000 yen OFF coupon by registering as a LINE friend! “Reward Gift & Christmas Gift Coupon” now available

<CITIZEN>xC (132,000 yen)

2F | JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

PopularxCThe cherry pink model has a special feel.12A gorgeous and special watch with a lab-grown diamond at the hour position and cherry pink on the case and band.1It's a book.In addition, dark red sustainable synthetic leather "ECOPET®The set also includes a replacement band made from the same material.

2023Years11Limited quantities will be available from the beginning of the month. *Some brands are not eligible for coupons.

<Hamilton> Jazzmaster Skeleton Auto (185,900 yen) [MEN]

2F | JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

The silver dial and green leather strap are perfect for Christmas.Not only is it a sophisticated design, but it is also highly functional.Nivachron™(Nivachron) hairspring is used, and the standard duration is approx.80I'm proud of my time.

*Some brands are not eligible for coupons.

<RADO> True Square Automatic Open Heart (405,900 yen)

1F | JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

The high-tech ceramic material is not only scratch resistant, but also lightweight, skin-friendly, and comfortable to wear.The black color model with just the right amount of gloss has a chic impression and matches a variety of styles, from business to casual.1It is a book.

*Some brands are not eligible for coupons.

<FREDERIQUE CONSTANT> Classic Carre Automatic Heartbeat (214,500 yen) [MEN]

2F | JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

The classic square "Carre" collection features a "heartbeat" mechanism that allows you to see the movement of the balance wheel of a mechanical watch through a small window on the dial.The gently curved case fits your wrist, and the indexes, hands, and strap are all dark navy, giving it an air of elegance.

*Japan only *Some brands are not eligible for coupons.

<LAZARE DIAMOND> Necklace [FL796PN1.6] (179,300 yen)

2F|Lazar Diamond Boutique

This necklace is eye-catching with a sparkling diamond in the center, and the delicate chain creates a feminine neck look.The design is timeless and can be worn by all generations.1Book.This item goes well with not only gorgeous parties and other occasions, but also simple knitwear.

<LAZARE DIAMOND> Eternity ring [Matinee PRH] (from 251,900 yen)

2F|Lazar Diamond Boutique

As the name ``matinee'' refers to a daytime performance such as a musical, this ring is made with the image of a diamond shining in the sunlight.In order to maximize the brilliance of the diamond, the claws that hold the stone in place are designed to be as small as possible.It emits a simple but overwhelming light and beautifully colors your fingers.

*Price varies depending on size and material.

<MONOEARTH> Hydro Perfume Eau De Parfum & Atomizer Set (11,000 yen)

B1F|Mono Earth

An ethanol-free water-based perfume made using natural ingredients that are as mild as possible.The fragrance is inspired by a luxury hotel located on the riverside of Chao Phraya.Enjoy a calm, mature scent with a citrus-based top note with herbal accents and a slightly sweet, woody bottom note.

<MONOEARTH> Pure Moringa Seed Oil/30 (6,600 yen)

B1F|Mono Earth

vitamins, amino acids, etc.90Oil extracted from moringa that is rich in nutrients and fatty acids.It has high penetrating power and is not sticky, so applying it with lotion to your skin can help maintain the sebum balance of your skin.It is also recommended to use it as a hair oil.

<AYURA> Aroma hand [50g] (1,980 yen)


A hand cream that is indispensable in seasons when dryness is a concern.``Aroma Hand'' has a fresh scent that is a blend of aromatic herbs, freesia and pear, and has a moisturizing yet non-sticky feel.Massage it into your fingertips to keep your hands soft and moist even in winter.

<AYURA> Meditation bath t [300mL] (2,200 yen)


This bath additive has a pleasant scent of aromatic herbs such as rosemary and chamomile that can be expected to have a relaxing effect.Not only can you enjoy bath time with the milky white water and scent, but the great thing about it is that it also contains plenty of moisturizing ingredients.2Since it is a layered type, please shake it thoroughly before placing it in the bathtub.

<HALISON x Kamakura Shirt> Ultimate socks Wool socks long hose (1,980 yen each) [MEN]

B1F Dinard|Maker's Shirt Kamakura

We continue to produce high quality socks that make full use of Made in Japan technology.HalisonCollaboration socks withThe exquisite fit that doesn't tighten your calves too much and reduces the risk of them slipping down is sure to make you addicted once you put them on.

*Limited quantity sales

<Maker's Shirt Kamakura> Cordovan business card holder (14,300 yen)

B1F Dinard|Maker's Shirt Kamakura

This business card holder is made from cordovan, which has the nickname "leather diamond."In addition to using transparent water-based dyes to bring out the original charm of the leather to the fullest, we pay close attention to every detail, such as using embossed cowhide "Saffiano leather" for the lining.The simple and timeless design allows you to use it for a long time.

*Limited quantity sales

<IL BISONTE> Wallet (33,000 yen each)

2F|Il Bisonte

The ``Natale Collection'' is popular every year and is limited to the Christmas season.This year, the eye-catching button accents are wonderful.12The design, in which the logo spelling is arranged like a clock face, conveys a timeless feeling.Be sure to check out our store for special items that are only available now.

2023Years12Month1Limited quantities will be sold from Sunday (Friday).

<IL BISONTE> Boston bag (72,600 yen)

2F|Il Bisonte

The mini Boston bag can also be used as a crossbody bag, and has an adorable round shape.Although it is mini size, it has a gusset and the zipper opens wide so you can securely put things in.Accented with a bison engraving on the front.

<Kaneko Megane> Eyewear [KC-92YL] (41,800 yen) [MEN]


The high-quality luster unique to celluloid is cool.1Book.Even if you add a light color to the lens, it will look elegant.It has a noble design with an intellectual impression.

*The above price does not include the lens fee.

<Kaneko Megane> Eyewear [KMP-08CGY] (74,800 yen) [MEN]


silver925The contrast between the decoration using ivory and the clear gray with a loose feel similar to ivory is beautiful.Although the material is unique, it is a classic Wellington, so it can be worn for any occasion, including business, casual, and parties.

*The above price does not include the lens fee.

<BEAMS GOLF> Boa head cover (6,820 to 8,250 yen)


A lovely head cover series made of fluffy boa material.Drivers, fairway woods, and utilities with small pockets3The type is2Color development.This is a great winter item that will be fun to coordinate with your caddy bag.

*Limited quantity sales

<BEAMS GOLF> Tour Pro Caddy Bag 2 (74,800 yen)


No matter what angle you look atBEAMS GOLFThe caddy bag with the 〉 logo visible has an attractive design that resembles a tour pro model.In addition to having a side pocket for a cold/thermal bottle, it also has a magnetic bag that makes it easy to open and close.Easy Flap” and “storage pocket”.In addition, the umbrella holder has an easy-to-use carabiner type and is full of features that players will love.

<BANDEL> Healthcare Necklace Earth [Cosmic Edition] (24,200 yen)


This is a top-class magnetic necklace in managed medical equipment that uses 12 samarium cobalt magnets.The head part is made of titanium, which is light and strong and does not cause metal allergies.Another great thing about it is that it has a snap closure, so you can put it on and take it off without any stress.

<BANDEL> Healthcare necklace [Galaxy] (27,500 yen)


A magnetic necklace with a simple design that is easy to wear.60The face-cut black beads are made of ferrite magnets and are expected to relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders.A special product finished with careful handwork that can only be achieved by Made in Japan.1It is a book.

<BETTINARDI> Head cover set (66,000 yen)


Driver cover, wood cover, hybrid cover3Now available in a special set of dots.The front side is made of woven wool material and the back side is made of durable leather. <BETTINARDI> is accented with familiar characters.

*Limited quantity sales

<TENTIAL> [General medical equipment] BAKUNE top and bottom set (24,200 yen)


This recovery wear is expected to promote blood circulation and reduce fatigue just by wearing it.A special functional fiber that is uniquely blended with ultra-small ceramic powder.SELFLAME ®︎” is used.It also has high moisture absorption and quick drying properties, supporting a comfortable sleeping environment.


<DESCENTE ALLTERRAIN> Down jacket (121,000 yen)


The down jacket is highly functional, with a para-hood system designed to be worn in bad weather such as rain or snow, heat-welded non-quilt processing, and seam taping for high water resistance.In addition, the structure allows outside air to enter the jacket, allowing unpleasant heat and moisture that tends to get trapped inside the jacket to escape, making it extremely comfortable to wear.

*Limited quantity sales

<DENHAM> Mohair knit cardigan (59,400 yen each) [MEN]


The mohair material, which has a textured knitted fabric with a brushed finish, is a wintertime treat.Although it is a simple and easy-to-use orthodox cardigan, it has long pile and has an outstanding presence, so it goes well with simple denim.In addition to the traditional colors of gray and brown, purple and orange are also available.

<DENHAM> Down jacket (132,000 yen) [MEN]


Popular every timeBITIntroducing the third edition of the bespoke down jacket.Strong against rain and waterBIT〉Original waterproof moisture absorbing materialAURORA TEX®The fabric is filled with the highest quality polished white goose down.A lightweight, warm, high-spec down jacket.

2023Years11Scheduled to arrive in the middle of the month

<β> Socks (2,530 yen each) [MEN]


These socks have a unique pattern of ice cream cones that look like dots at first glance.The design is accented by changing the color of the heel and toe area.We recommend incorporating it as a point of coordination.Ladies with the same pattern (1,980yen) is also available.

<β Men> Neoprene mini tote bag (17,600 yen)


This bag is made from neoprene, a fabric with excellent elasticity, heat resistance, and water resistance.With a design inspired by golf cart bags, it not only looks great, but alsoA4It is extremely easy to use and can hold documents of any size.It is recommended not only for golf but also as a bag for everyday use.

<PELLE MORBIDA> Tote bag [JECT010] (53,900 yen each)


A collaboration with Scotland's prestigious fabric manufacturer, Johnstons.The interior pocket and attached pouch are made of Johnstons signature muffler fabric for an elegant finish.The leather has been treated to be water repellent, and is also embossed to look like shrink leather, making scratches less noticeable.

*Limited quantity sales

<PELLE MORBIDA> Wallet [BA611] (49,500 yen)


The ever-popular round zip wallet has a great design with a large storage space.You can securely separate bills, coins, cards, receipts, etc.Made of full-grain leather with a soft texture and a unique waxy touch.during dyeing3MChemicals are used to make it waterproof and stain resistant.

<nest Robe> Lambswool scarf (7,480 yen each)

3F |nest Robe / CONFECT

This scarf is voluminous and warms your neck without getting in the way of styling.It's compact size makes it easy to carry, and it doesn't add bulk to your bag.The design is easy for men to use, so it is recommended for sharing with couples or as a gift.

<nest Robe> Wool linen glen check half coat (77,000 yen)

3F |nest Robe / CONFECT

This collarless coat has a noble look and is fully lined with unbleached linen.The cocoon silhouette gives a feminine impression, while the loose form is just right for this year.1It is a piece.Another feature is that the armholes on the sleeves are deep, giving the sleeves a plump and three-dimensional silhouette when viewed from the side or back.

<TOM FORD> Eyewear (49,000 yen) [MEN]

B1F | Heart Up Vision Square

It is also the brand's signature design.TA modern design with "character lines" on the temples.1It's a book.The carefully calculated form is simple, yet it creates a smart and sexy impression just by wearing it.Perfect for adult men who know the real thing.

Diamond & rock crystal pendant (1,210,000 yen)

3F | Arts & Antiques Miarka

An old mine cut diamond sparkles in the center of the heart-shaped rock crystal.The heart design has been around for a long time, but it has never been this big (H4cm×W3.5cm) The dynamic heart rock crystal pendant is very rare and very attractive.The transparent crystal also reflects the color of your clothes, so you can match it with any color of clothes.


Name embroidery (from 1,650 yen)

2F|Form eye & Riche

A special handkerchief that can be embroidered with your favorite characters.You can choose colors and fonts.Why not try making a one-of-a-kind handkerchief with your partner's initials or memories of the two of you embroidered on it?

*Approx. from the date of order10It will be delivered before or after the day. *Please bring items to be embroidered. *Depending on the fabric, there may be restrictions on text color and font.

Gift certificate (16,500 yen to 110,000 yen)

2F |GINZA Global Style COMFORT

Gift certificates that can be used in global styles nationwide are perfect as Christmas presents.It can be used not only for made-to-order suits, but also for small items such as made-to-order coats, made-to-order shirts, and ties.Due to price difference5It's nice to have variety.

Custom knit (from 1 yen per piece)

2F |GINZA Global Style COMFORT

Popular custom-made knits that fit perfectly to your body are available in a wide variety of colors.We have continued to make custom suits with a design that looks beautiful when worn as an inner layer for a jacket or suit.GINZA Global Style COMFORT] Unique.

You can choose from 11 locations on the whole body!Hair removal experience course (1,000 yen)


Winter, when your skin is not exposed, is the best season to start hair removal.Both armpits and both knees,Vwhole body including lines11Choose from several places1Achieve your ideal smooth skin with a hair removal experience course where you can choose the location.You can receive careful treatment from counseling to skin care.

*For women only *TBCFirst-timers only,1any person1places1Limited to one time *Please contact the salon for details.

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