Learn about antique jewelry. We spoke to Mr. Kondo of [Arts & Antiques Mialka]



Do you know the meaning of antique?Do you know the difference from vintage?I'm sure many people think of both as "old things" that have vague value.First, learn about antiques.Then, try seeing and touching it with your own eyes.The entrance to the world of antiques is right there. We spoke to Mr. Kondo of [Arts & Antiques His Mialka] about how to enjoy antique jewelry.

Antique jewelry that you can enjoy wearing and find something that suits you.

-First of all, what is an antique?Please tell me the meaning of the word antique.

“Antique” means something that has been made for more than 100 years (antiques). Items that are less than 100 years old are called second-hand or vintage. At [Arts & Antiques Mialka], We mainly handle jewelry made from the 18th century to the early 20th century, as well as glass, pottery, silverware, and lace.This store sells high-quality and rare collector's pieces that look like those found in European museums, but due to the owner's policy, One of our characteristics is that we select products based on the theme of "something beautiful to wear."We have jewelry from all over Europe, including the UK, France, and Italy.The price range is from affordable to top quality. It might be the largest in Japan.”

-What kind of country (position) does the UK have in the world of antiques?

“In the 19th century, Britain became the richest country in the world thanks to the success of the Industrial Revolution.Jewelry that could only be worn by the aristocrats and wealthy people in the early 19th century became commonplace in the latter half of the 64th century. We have become a society where women can afford to buy it at a low price.Queen Victoria reigned for XNUMX years and had a great influence.This may be the best country to look for antiques.''

-When you hear the word antique, “1It has the image of being a "point item".At the time it was made,1Was it a point item?

"Well, I'm sure it varies depending on the era and the genre of jewelry, but it's very rare to come across the same thing now."

*The products in the first photo are, from left to right, ``Chrysolite & Amethyst Gold Brooch [Early 1th Century England]'' and ``Gold Ring [Early 19th Century England].

[Arts & Antiques Mialka] mainly handles jewelry, but also glass, pottery, silverware, and lace.The store changes items relatively more frequently than other antique shops, and some customers come to check it out every week.

-100It was made in a foreign country more than a year ago, someone wore it, and for some reason it is now...Arts & Antiques MiarcaIt is in.Antique jewelry really has a connection.

``Mialka has a large selection of jewelry that the owner has purchased directly in Europe over the past 34 years.It is a jewelry item that has transcended time and countries, and will be passed on to a new owner in the 21st century, to someone who is a good match for you. is our role.”

-How can I tell when a product was manufactured?

``There are popular styles (designs) depending on the era.The methods of setting stones and techniques for goldsmithing also differ depending on the era.For example, platinum is a metal that only became available for processing in the 20th century. Therefore, you can predict the age based on the material.Furthermore, some products have hallmarks (engraved stamps), which can tell you the year and place where they were made.These hallmarks differ depending on the country. Especially in the UK, you can often tell by the hallmark. Some products even have marks that tell you the date they were made."

A hallmark (engraved stamp) that indicates the year and place where a product was made.People today are able to decipher the markings that were made at the time it was made.I feel that it has value that has transcended time. "Gold Intaglio Ring [Birmingham 1910]" (220,000 yen).

Because I bought a new coat, or a dress... Antique jewelry from a fashion perspective

-As I listened to these stories, I got the feeling that antiques are a world where communication is important.Listening to the story makes me interested and I find it interesting.

``We live in an age where you can buy antiques online. However, the reason we have set up our store like this is because we want you to feel the antique by actually holding it in your hands.There are many things that cannot be understood from photos alone. There are many beautiful things that you don't know about today that you don't know about.In the world of antique jewelry, you are sure to find something that suits you.See it with your own eyes, try it on, and look at your whole body in a large mirror. We hope that you will be satisfied with the purchase."

-What kind of "things" do customers often encounter that lead them to step into the world of antique jewelry and buy it?

“You might want some new jewelry because you have a new fall/winter coat.For example, Scottish jewelry is a perfect item for the coming season.As the name suggests, it is a piece of jewelry that was born in Scotland. It is characterized by a design that is strongly influenced by culture.It was originally created as a prop to hold the fabric of a kilt, and is made using local gemstones such as Scottish agate and crystal.Tweed Of course, I think it's the perfect piece of jewelry to wear with clothes that have strong textures in the fall and winter, such as wool.Queen Victoria, who ruled the British Empire in the 19th century, loved jewelry.As a fashion leader, the queen also loved jewelry, and wore it at the World's Fair. Scottish jewelry, which became very popular after being introduced in the magazine, is very unique.Antique jewelry has a real history and is made with incredibly advanced techniques by ancient craftsmen, so the more you learn about it, the more fun it is.'' .

Scottish jewelry that looks great with your autumn/winter outfits.It certainly makes sense to hear that it was created to match the traditional Scottish tartan pattern.It's interesting that modern jewelry doesn't have.

Among the stores on the 3rd floor of Dai Nagoya Building, this store has a unique and solemn atmosphere.If you are interested, please feel free to try out the antique experience.

A handbook on antique jewelry written by the owner of [Arts & Antiques Mialca] ``Mialca - The Charm and Secrets of Antique Jewelry'' (3,520 yen).It is sold not only at the Dai Nagoya Building store but also at the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo.Please enjoy antique jewelry and use it for study.

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