Recoveryware "BAKUNE" has been renewed.Introducing new products from Tenshal that are sure to be talked about.



Recover from fatigue with pajamas.TENTIAL is a wellness brand whose recovery wear "BAKUNE" is a hot topic.I heard that "BAKUNE" has been renewed, so I went to check it out along with the recent new products at the store.More comfortable and more functional.These items highlight the brand power of TENTIAL, which connects clothing and health.

“Relieve fatigue just by wearing it.”The increasingly popular recovery wear “BAKUNE” has been renewed.

Wearing it promotes blood circulation throughout the body, reducing fatigue and stiffness in the body.RecoverywareBAKUNE” is a general medical device created based on scientific evidence.A special fiber that radiates far infrared rays.SELFLAME®︎'' promotes blood circulation throughout the body, which can be expected to reduce muscle tension, stiffness, and relieve stiff shoulders and lower back pain. "BAKUNE” is recommended to be worn on bare skin.In this renewal, the tag on the back of the neck has been changed to a print to reduce the stress of the tag touching the skin, and shea butter processing has been added to the fabric.This not only further improves comfort, but also reduces friction, making the garment less prone to pilling.Also, new colors: light gray, lavender, and coral pink.3Added color.This is a great item for people who want to carry multiple items because they wear it every day.8It has been expanded to “Color development”. [TENTIAL】Then, ``BAKUNE” series at the same time as a top and bottom set2If you purchase more than one item, the total price will be deducted from10%OFFWe are also developing new services.For yourself and for gifts, for yourself and for family, etc.2You can also mix and match different sizes and colorsOKSo please take advantage of it.

"BAKUNEThe classic sweatshirt from the `` series has been renewed. "BAKUNE Sweat Shirt"(12,100Circle),"BAKUNE Sweat Pants"(12,100Circle).

The tag on the back of the neck has been changed to a print so that it doesn't touch your bare skin, making it more comfortable to wear.

The shea butter processing gives it a smooth and soft texture.The occurrence of pilling is also suppressed.

From left: light gray, lavender, coral pink3New colors available.

Gauze material pajamas are now available in the “BAKUNE” series!In addition, there are many other products that you may be interested in.

recently,"BAKUNEA new addition to the series is pajamas made of cotton gauze.4It uses a layered gauze material, and the front and back of the skin are made of cotton material to reduce direct irritation to the skin.A fluffy, lightweight feel and a comfortable warmth.These pajamas are made with a higher level of comfort.In addition, the functional workwear series “MIGARUIntroducing the long-awaited one-piece type.Highly stretchable cardboard knit material and special fibersSELFLAME®︎” creates ideal workwear that retains heat and is wrinkle-resistant.This one-piece dress with a loose silhouette and straps around the waist is likely to become popular due to its comfortable fit without constricting.

"BAKUNE Pajamas Gauze Shirt"(13,200Circle),"BAKUNE Pajamas Gauze Long Pants"(13,200circle).navy, light gray, beige3Color development.

"MIGARU WORK WEAR Ladies One-piece"(15,400circle).navy/greige2Color development.

New “warm” type recovery sandals are now available, perfect for this season!

A new fall/winter version of the "Recovery Sandals" that reduces the burden on the feet while walking and supports ease of walking has been released. "Recovery Sandal WarmThe pair is a "warm" sandal with a padded upper and brushed material on the inside that covers the toes.The surface of the insole is made of velor material to ensure comfort when worn barefoot.Since they are washable and can be washed in the washing machine, you can wear them without hesitation as outdoor shoes.

"Recovery Sandal Warm"(8,580circle).black beige2Color development.

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  • Recoveryware "BAKUNE" has been renewed.Introducing new products from Tenshal that are sure to be talked about.