For those of you who are thinking of proposing. [Lazar Diamond Boutique] teaches you how to choose an engagement ring



“Proposal and engagement ring” are inseparable. Of course it's nice for the two of you to choose a ring together, but giving and receiving a ring with the words of proposal, like in those movies and dramas, is a scene that you will always dream of.This time, we have researched ``How to Choose an Engagement Ring'' taught by Lazar Diamond Boutique to those of you who are thinking of proposing.A special engagement ring that will make your unique proposal come true.

Choose your ring design and diamond.An engagement ring that will make your dreams come true

The most distinctive feature of Lazar Diamond Boutique's engagement rings is that they are "semi-custom", which allows you to select and match them.Rather than choosing from finished products lined up in a showcase, we will prepare a ring that is unique to you, tailored to your partner's preferences, your thoughts, and your budget.First, choose the ring design.A brand from New YorkLAZARE DIAMONDThis ring is designed to make the most of diamonds, incorporating New York trends.The brand's aesthetic sense, which has been carefully considered to ensure comfort, is reflected in every,<LAZARE DIAMONDThe core of > is the selection of diamonds. “The World's Most Beautiful Diamond-the most beautiful diamond in the world-The reason for this slogan lies in the insatiable quest for beauty of the founder, Mr. Lazar Caplan.The difference lies in the cutting technique ``Ideal Make,'' which achieves the perfect proportions of diamonds that shine in seven colors. but.At a time when weight was important, Lazar Caplan advocated that gemstones should be cut to ideal proportions to bring out their maximum brilliance.

Choosing an engagement ring begins with filling out a hearing sheet that includes the minimum necessary information.

LAZARE DIAMONDThe staff will carefully explain about the brand.

The designs range from the classic to the glamorous, and the sophisticated aesthetic sense of New York shines through.All designs are designed to make diamonds look more beautiful.

Lazare Caplan explained the importance of cut in diamond brilliance

In the past, the criteria for evaluating diamonds were carat, color, and clarity.3It was an item.However, Mr. Lazare Caplan emphasized the importance of ``cut'' as a technique that creates ``brilliance'', and the current evaluation standard.4C(carat, color, clarity, cut).Mr. Lazar Caplan1964A yearGIA (Gemological Institute of America)He has been appointed honorary vice chairman. <LAZARE DIAMOND>, diamonds are prepared according to the combination of carat (weight), color (color), and clarity (transparency), with the cut being based on "ideal make".The staff will actually match the actual diamond to the selected ring, so you can choose while keeping in mind the size balance and final shape.Nowadays, when proposing, only a diamond (stone) is given, and the design of the ring is decided later.2There seems to be an increasing number of gift-giving methods in which people choose their own gifts.

Choose according to the carat, color, and clarity grade of the diamond, as well as your budget, ring design, and compatibility with your hand.

You can actually see the ``XNUMX-colored brilliance'' created by ``Ideal Make'', a proportion that maximizes the source of the slight light hidden in the rough stone, right in front of your eyes.

The staff will set the diamond into the ring, so you can choose while imagining the final shape.

After placing your order, your unique ring will be ready in about a month.After-sales follow-up that is unique to a specialty store

The ring will take approx.1Months.When you see a ring in a special black box with gold accents in front of you, your anticipation and nervousness about the proposal will naturally increase.[Lazare Diamond Boutique] also offers a full range of after-sales services such as ring resizing and cleaning.For details on after-sales service, please check at the store. All of the staff at Lazar Diamond Boutique are qualified jewelry coordinators who can entrust your engagement ring with peace of mind.We will thoroughly follow up on the most important engagement ring for your wedding proposal.

The completed ring isLAZARE DIAMOND> Delivered in a unique special box.The moment you receive it will be a special moment for you.

After checking the product, the staff will wrap it.We will carefully support your proposal until the very end.

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