I like wearing a pair of watches because it's casual. 5 Latest Pair Watches to Find at [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison]



Among the "pair" items worn by lovers and husbands and wives alike, wristwatches, which can create a casual pairing feel, are a classic that have remained unchanged even now.This time, we researched the latest pair watches at [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison].Watches can be given as Christmas gifts, but also on important anniversaries and special occasions.After all, watches are something special.

The legendary diver's watch that Longines is proud of, bearing the name "Legend"

"Longines Legend Diver" is a reinterpretation of the diver's watch of the 1960s.Equipped with an iconic inner bezel,2It features two screw-down crowns and a highly waterproof screw-down case back.Classic in bright burgundy color36 mmThe model has a beautiful chic blue dial that gives it a high fashion feel as an accent color to your outfit.42 mmThe model gives off a moderate presence on the arm.

From the left, <LONGINES(Longines)〉Watch “Longines Legend Diver” (388,300Circle),<LONGINES(Longines)〉Men's watch "Longines Legend Diver" (388,300Circle).

Hamilton's American classic style has been inherited since 1940 and continues to evolve.

Hamilton's Bolton is a fusion of Art Deco and American classic style.1940A masterpiece of Hamilton that has not faded since its appearance in XNUMX.The unique case form, classic and traditional Roman numeral dial, and modern design give it a timeless atmosphere worthy of the name "American Classic."The cow leather strap (color shown in the photo is midnight blue) designed specifically for this watch also plays a role in creating the watch's unique atmosphere.The straps can be easily replaced without tools, so you can enjoy changing the straps easily.

From the left, <HAMILTON(Hamilton)〉Women's watch "Bolton" (101,200Circle),<HAMILTON(Hamilton)〉Men's watch "Bolton" (101,200Circle).

TAG Heuer Carrera, a model that conveys TAG Heuer's unwavering brand policy

"TAG Heuer Carrera" was born in 1963.Inspired by motorsport, the collection is elegant, sporty, and features a traditional design that is a symbol of TAG Heuer.K18The men's model has an impressive pastel green dial with pink gold hands and indexes, and a logo that stands out elegantly, giving it a luxurious atmosphere that gives you the feeling of being an adult.On the other hand, the women's model has a sophisticated design that combines strength and beauty with a unique white mother-of-pearl dial. Wearing the unwavering presence of TAG Heuer.

From the left, <TAG HEUER(TAG Heuer)〉Men's watch "TAG Heuer Carrera Date" (396,000Circle),<TAG HEUER(TAG Heuer)〉Women's watch "TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber9 Date” (341,000Circle).

"Centrix" is packed with Rado's innovative technology and inquisitiveness towards design.

Since its release in 2010, the series has evolved and its harmonious beauty stands out.The gently rounded contours of this new model add to its elegance, and the lightweight, tapered bracelet gently hugs the wrist.Both models are equipped with an automatic movement that is anti-magnetic and has improved reliability and precision.This is the most elegant model to date.

From the left, <Rado(Rado)〉Men's watch "Centrix Automatic" (326,700Circle),<Rado(Rado)〉Women's watch "Centrix Automatic Diamond" (414,700Circle).

Looks gorgeous and elegant in a dress scene. <SEIKO> "Dolce & Exceline"

Seiko's ``Dolce & Exceline'' is a dress watch that allows you to enjoy your time together and express your individuality in a smart way.The model we are introducing this time has a modern and cute design with a silver case and pink gold accents.This watch is intended to be worn in a dress setting, and it has a perfect balance of calm atmosphere and sparkling playfulness.Both products are made of titanium, so they are lightweight and place less stress on your skin.Solar radio model that does not require time adjustment.

From the left, <SEIKO(Seiko)〉Women's watch "Exceline" (110,000Circle),<SEIKO(Seiko)〉Men's watch "Dolce" (110,000Circle).

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  • I like wearing a pair of watches because it's casual. 5 Latest Pair Watches to Find at [JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison]