Playback of products sold in 2023. [Ainz & Tulpe] The best cosmetics are this!



There may be no other industry where trends change as quickly as the cosmetics industry. Word of mouth quickly spreads and the product becomes a “buzz”. Before starting 2024 in earnest, check out the cosmetic items that sold in 2023 at the cosmetics select shop [AINZ & TULPE Dai Nagoya Building Store]! [AINZ&TULPE] We will announce the best cosmetics. Do you have predictions for hit products in 2024? !

[2023 Best Cosmetics ①]〈QUALITY 1ST〉Derma Laser VC100 Mask (7 yen for 770 pieces)

"You'll be drowning in this beauty serum! In just 3 minutes, you'll be able to not only target your pores, but also your firmness and shine. It's extremely satisfying moisturizing and penetrating power. If you're in doubt, this is it."

Nanocapsules contain plenty of beauty ingredients, achieving unprecedented penetration into the stratum corneum. The "Derma Laser Series" is a sheet mask inspired by laser beauty that intensively addresses various skin concerns. The sheet is made of long fiber non-woven fabric made from cotton, which has high adhesion to the skin and supports the penetration of serums.

QUALITY 1ST(Quality First)〉DermalaserVC100mask(7Pieces 770Circle).

[2023 Best Cosmetics ②] Black Sponge (770 yen)

"Makeup Keep Mist can be sprayed on top of this to prevent sweat and sebum from coming off! If you wet it with water and pat it on top of your foundation, it will stick even better and prevent your makeup from fading."

A brand produced by popular makeup artist Yusuke〉. The ``Black Sponge'' is a ``cone-shaped'' makeup sponge that perfectly finishes every detail, and uses a smooth urethane puff that is comfortable to use when applying makeup. A versatile sponge that can be used for any product, including powder and liquid.

〈&be(&B)〉Black Sponge (770Circle).

[2023 Best Cosmetics ③] Speedy Mascara Remover (924 yen)

"I use this on repeat more than 10 times! No matter how strong the mascara is, it comes off smoothly. If you want to make your cleansing experience stress-free, this is definitely the heroine makeup remover."

Even with waterproof mascara that is hard to remove, you can quickly apply it and remove it as if it were melting. Heroine Make's mascara remover does not require scrubbing, so it does not put any strain on your eyelashes and eyelids. Contains eyelash care ingredients, and is fragrance-free, color-free, ionic surfactant-free, and alcohol-free, making it less likely to stain your eyes.

Speedy Mascara Remover (924Circle).

[2024 hit forecast ①] Tear bag twin liner (all 3 colors, 1,210 yen each)

"A liner that is a combination of shadow liner and glitter or highlight. With the exquisitely colored shadow liner, you can create tear bags that look like you were born with them."

this1Create your ideal plump tear bags with this book! As the product name says “twin,” it has a tear bag shadow liner, tear bag glitter, or highlight.1It was compiled into a book〈JUDYDOLL>'s "Tear Bag Twin Liner". The natural coloring that blends well with the skin is also attractive, thanks to the brand's original color toning. All in crackling silver, gelato pink, and spark orange.3Color development.

JUDYDOLL(Judy Doll)〉Tear bag twin liner (all3each color1,210Circle).

[2024 hit forecast ②] Base care serum base serum (90g 5,500 yen)

"It moisturizes and softens the skin surface, making it easier for the next skin care product to absorb. Carbonated bubbles (*1) smaller than pores! Serum penetrates deep into the stratum corneum."

Advanced carbonated bubbles smaller than pores (*1) serum penetrates to the deepest part of the stratum corneum without crackling. <SOFINA iP>'s ``Base Care Serum'' has a ``meltingly dense texture'' that blends well into the skin, softening and relaxing the surface of the skin. As a first step in caring for your skin, it also improves the absorption of serums and emulsions that you use next.

(*1) Carbon dioxide gas (propellant)

SOFINA iP(Sofina IP)〉Base Care Serum Base Serum (90g 5,500Circle).

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