[Kamakura Shirts Nagoya store] recommends a shirt made from the miraculous 0.01% American Sea Island Cotton.



A dress shirt that is worn every day at work. Because this is everyday wear, you want to choose it with care. [Maker's Shirt Kamakura Nagoya Store] currently recommends a dress shirt woven from "American Sea Island Cotton." You can only tell the difference when you see it with your eyes, see it through your sleeve, and touch your skin. ``American Sea Island Cotton'' adds ``sex appeal'' to the dress shirt.

Special luster and texture. “American Sea Island Cotton” gives a “gloss” to your shirt.

You'll understand only when you try it on. The first time you put on the sleeves of an American Sea Island Cotton dress shirt, you can feel the difference in its comfort and texture. It has been described as having a cashmere-like feel, and because the cotton itself contains a lot of oil, it also has a moist feel to the touch. It is obvious from the appearance that it is a high-quality fabric with a soft luster. [Maker's Shirts Kamakura] sells Oxford, Royal Oxford, and Twill.3Various types of fabrics are available. Among them, Royal Oxford has fine irregularities that allow the fabric to release easily from the skin, making it smooth and comfortable to wear. Oxfords tend to look casual, but ``American Sea Island Cotton'' gives them just the right amount of elegance and sex appeal, so they have a presence that rivals even the most luxurious suits. All prices are10,780Yen~. You can also choose ``American Sea Island Cotton'' fabric for pattern-ordered shirts.

Royal Oxford, made from American Sea Island Cotton, has a light, supple, and elegant feel, rather than the stiff image of typical Oxford fabrics. You can wear it comfortably even in a dress scene.

American Sea Island Cotton/Slim fit/Royal Oxford ``Men's Shirt'' (10,780circle). [Maker's Shirts Kamakura] shirts are available in a variety of combinations of materials, fabrics (weaves), silhouettes, and colors (collars). Check the difference at the store before purchasing.

Differences between fabrics can be more clearly seen by comparing them with fabrics made of different materials with the same weave. The special feeling of ``American Sea Island Cotton'' will be highlighted.

A miracle that accounts for only 0.01% of the world's total cotton production. American sea island cotton

"Sea Island Cotton" is the origin of all extra-long cotton and is considered the highest quality cotton. Actually from now on100About a year ago, the Caribbean region where it was produced was hit by a devastating pest attack, and the cotton was no longer cultivated. Sea Island Cotton, which was said to be impossible to grow anywhere else, has now been revived and cultivated only in limited areas in the United States due to advances in agricultural technology and research into cultivation methods. That's why it's called "American Sea Island Cotton." The yield is only a fraction of the world's total cotton production.0.01%. It is a special type of cotton that is called a miracle.

Feel free to touch our products at the store and feel the charm of American Sea Island Cotton. I can feel the depth of the ``shirt'', wondering how the material alone can make so much of a difference.

Because it's a "shirt" that you wear every day on workdays, you can become attached to it.1Choose one. At [Manufacturer's Shirts Kamakura], you are sure to find the daily shirt of your choice. If you have trouble choosing a shirt, feel free to ask our staff. Our shirt specialists will give you a variety of suggestions.

Location: Dai Nagoya BuildingB1F. Near the Dinard entrance, which is directly connected to the ticket gate of Nagoya Station on the Higashiyama Subway Line. It's located in a place where you can easily stop by on your way home from work.

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  • [Kamakura Shirts Nagoya store] recommends a shirt made from the miraculous 0.01% American Sea Island Cotton.