Try out the new club released in February 2024. We asked drivers from three manufacturers to be explained to us.



In the golf club industry, February is a rush to release new clubs. New clubs will be released from three major manufacturers: Callaway, TaylorMade, and PING. This time, we visited [Golf 2 Prestige] and had them explain the characteristics of each driver while actually trying them out. You can experience the difference by trying it out first. Advance reservations for trial runs are accepted at any time.

Will the flight distance decrease even if I remove the core? ! Golf clubs are moving into an era where ease of use is emphasized.

A major feature of the new clubs that have been released recently is that there are an increasing number of "easy" clubs that are easy for golf beginners to handle. When you hear the latest clubs, you get the impression that they are something for experts, but now there are so many clubs being released one after another that it's no exaggeration to say that new clubs are for beginners.2024Years2Released in May〈Callaway>, 〈TaylorMade>, 〈PING>of3The same goes for new products from manufacturers.

First of all,2Month2Released on Sunday (Friday)Callaway>of"PARADYM Ai SMOKE”. Product name “AiAs expected of those who were struck by this.100More than 10,000 swing dataAIanalysis, and placed countless sweet spots throughout the face (the front part of the club).AI"Smart Face" has been adopted. As a result, the face compensates for fluctuations in the hitting point, creating a driver that does not lose distance even if you make a mishit (as much as possible).

Callaway>’s latest work “PARADYM Ai SMOKE"series. Please check the price at the store.

A new face created using AI analysis “AI"Smart Face" will lead you to a longer flight distance and a trajectory with less curvature than ever before.

Introducing a driver with a moment of inertia (*1) of over 10,000g/cmXNUMX that reduces missed shots!

Next, this too2Month2Released on Sunday (Friday)TaylorMade>of"Qi10LS”. Developed with the aim of being the "ultimately friendly driver"Qi10” indicates the amount of carbon used in the crown (top of the club).97%, by redistributing the surplus weight to the head shape and inside the head, an even higher moment of inertia (*1) realized. Amazing moment of inertia10,000g・Exceeding cm2. Perfect for players with fast head speed who want low spin.1A book was born.

Finally3Honestly,2Month8Released on Sunday (Thursday)PING>of"G430 MAX10K”. This is"G430” The latest work in the series, “ in the nameMAX10K”, this is also a moment of inertia.10,000g・More than cm1It's a book. Since the head is difficult to rotate even if the hitting point is erratic, the initial speed of the ball does not decrease and the flight distance is easier to increase, and the probability of keeping the fairway increases as there is less directional deviation. It can truly be called a driver that you can swing with all your might.1this.

in this way3New products from manufacturers are appearing one after another. The first thing to do is to experience the difference in your body. 【golf5Prestige],3New clubs from all manufacturers can be tried out (fitted). thisAdvance reservation formPlease make a reservation before visiting the store.

(*1) "Moment of inertia" is an index that expresses the difficulty in moving a stationary object when trying to rotate it, or the difficulty in stopping a rotating object. In the case of golf clubs, it is said that the higher the number, the lower the chance of a missed shot even if the club does not meet the center.

TaylorMade>of"Qi10LS"series. Please check the price at the store.

The third generation "60Adopts ``layer carbon twist face'' and ``newly developed frame.''

PING>of"G430 MAX10K"series. Please check the price at the store.

Expanded the projected area of ​​the head460 tspThe head achieves a deep and low center of gravity design. By suppressing the fluctuation of the hitting point, you can hit the ball with a high trajectory.

[Golf 5 Prestige] is holding a “New Model Release Debut Campaign”!

【golf5Prestige],3To commemorate the release of the manufacturer's new product, we are holding a "New Model Release Debut Campaign." <Callaway>of"PARADYM Ai SMOKE” series is Alpine Point10%reduction,<Taylor made>of"Qi10LS” series, you can increase the trade-in amount by purchasing eligible products.PING>of"G430 MAX10K” series is from the sales price.5,500 yen (tax-included)OFFAnd you will receive special purchase benefits. The event period isCallaway>teeth2024Years3Month3Until Sunday (Sunday),Taylor made>When<PING>teeth3Month31Until Sunday. Don't miss this opportunity.

<Callaway> “PARADYM Ai SMOKE” series

<Period> ~2024Years3Month3until the day

<Bonus details> Alpen points for those who purchase products from the applicable series10%reduction

<Taylor Made> “Qi10 LS” series

<Period> ~3Month31until the day

<Bonus Details> Increased trade-in amount for those who purchase products from the applicable series

<PING> “G430 MAX10K” series

<Period> ~3Month31until the day

<Bonus details> For those who purchase products from the applicable series,5,500 yen (tax-included)OFF

Special coupons available only for [Golf 50 Prestige Nagoya store] for the first 5 people!

【golf5To commemorate the release of new clubs at Prestige Nagoya Store, we will be offering first-come, first-served50We also have special coupons available for people only. Golf clubs for one transaction1Including books (including those other than new clubs)100,000For purchases over yen10,000YenOFFIt will be. For more information about coupons, please ask the store staff.

<Purchase benefit discount implementation period>2024Years2Month9Sun (Fri) ~ *Ends as soon as the stock runs out

*To use the coupon discount, you will need to register as a member (free) of the Dai Nagoya Coupon website.

*Coupon discounts also apply to purchases of clubs other than the new clubs introduced in this article.

*Golf clubs include irons, putters, etc.

*Coupon discounts may end without notice.

*Prices posted on the website are
All prices include tax. 
* The posted information is as of the date of information disclosure.
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