Stylish denim coordination techniques for those in their 30s. Produced by [Denham Dai Nagoya Building Store]



It is no exaggeration to say that everyone has worn denim pants at least once, and they are loved by a wide range of generations as synonymous with casual fashion. However, as men in particular get older, denim pants may become too casual, and many people may find that they are not good at wearing denim pants. This time, we asked [DENHAM] to teach us how to coordinate men's denim from their 30s onwards. We suggest ways to interact with adult denim pants.

A shirt style with a reduced number of colors in a coordination reminiscent of a “setup”

In spring, I tend to choose sweatshirts or hoodies as tops, but that would make me look too casual and childish, so I chose a shirt. I used a shirt with a collar to create a ``proper look'', and by matching the colors of the shirt and denim pants, I tried to create a ``set-up'' look. The number of colors has been reduced as much as possible to give a clean impression, but it is a mature coordination with some nuance.

DENHAM>shirt(47,300circle),2packTshirt(36,300yen), denim pants (72,600yen), shoes and accessories are staff's personal belongings.

Although it is an orthodox denim shirt, the chest pocket has a subtle asymmetrical design. <DENHAM〉 scissor mark is also effective as an accent.

Although the silhouette around the thighs has plenty of room, it has a firm taper for a clean look. Another point is that it uses slant pockets.

Choose black suede leather for a style that is both rugged and smart.

Next is the jacket coordination. Of course, you could also wear a denim jacket, but I chose a black suede leather jacket. To match the unique craft feel of suede, choose denim pants that have been treated to look like they've been worn. However, since I chose "black" for the jacket, I can easily wear it with suede. This is a mixed coordination that combines ruggedness and smartness.

DENHAM>Jacket(125,400circle),2packTshirt(36,300yen), denim pants (82,500Circle),<DENHAM×CONVERSE>sneakers(22,000yen), accessories are staff's personal belongings.

Sneakers are <CONVERSE〉Collaboration No.5Become a bulletALL STAR US HI/DH"(22,000circle). The washed ripstop canvas goes well with denim pants.

Denim pants with impressive processing and discoloration reminiscent of vintage. Processing such as mustaches and honeycombs add a mature feel to your outfit.

The pale blue plain knit is an accent color. For a relaxed look for adults

The denim pants are black denim with a washed gray look. It has an orthodox silhouette with a gentle taper towards the feet. Because the denim pants are simple, we paired the top with a refreshing plain knit with light blue as an accent color. Plain knit with denim pants1It's a coordination that gives off a relaxed and mature feel that can be worn with just one piece.

DENHAM>knit(30,800yen), denim pants (81,400Circle),<DENHAM×CONVERSE>sneakers(22,000yen), accessories are staff's personal belongings.

This spring-like light blue knit goes well with denim pants. By deliberately choosing a plain knit, your denim pants will also stand out. Lightly roll up your sleeves for a ``comfortable'' look.

In addition to blue denim, try black denim and white denim. It looks less casual than blue denim, so it's actually surprisingly usable.

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  • Stylish denim coordination techniques for those in their 30s. Produced by [Denham Dai Nagoya Building Store]