Stylish and lightweight shopping bags are a hot topic. <Ball & Chain> directly managed store appears for the first time in the Tokai area!



Ball & Chain's lightweight shopping bag features a special design that allows you to squeeze the opening of the bag using the handle, and a colorful embroidered design. A directly managed store of Ball & Chain, which often collaborates with fashion brands and attracts attention each time it is released, has opened on the B1F of the Dai Nagoya Building. The long-awaited directly managed store, the first in the Tokai area, is packed with the brand's worldview.

The power of design and products. A shopping bag that combines “fun” and “practicality”

Leather brandSAN HIDEAKIMIHARAMiharaA brand started by Mr. Eisei with the desire to ``invigorate the world through the power of design and products.''Ball & Chain〉. The shopping bag that was introduced as the company's first product is lightweight, functional, colorful, and has a great design, and has gained so many fans that some people are eagerly awaiting the release of the new product. The bag's opening closes by squeezing the handle, and the various designs are embroidered. It is not a simple shopping bag (eco bag), but the elaborate specifications that make you want to continue using it with care are due to the designer's eco-friendly ideas. It is an item that naturally blends into your lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy and realize the value of ``using things with care.''

The shopping bag isMsize·LSize/Mini size3Size expansion. It can be compacted to the size of your palm, so keep it in your bag at all times. Of course, it is also stylish to use as a main bag.

When you actually hold it in your hands, you can appreciate the high level of design of the elaborate embroidery. <Ball & Chain> shopping bags are products that you will love and cherish.

There are also items that are selling out quickly and attracting attention! Many collaboration bags with other brands have also been released.

Ball & ChainAnother secret to its popularity is that it releases many collaboration bags with fashion brands and characters. for example,2024Years5Month24A collaboration bag with Harry Potter just went on sale on Sunday (Friday). The fun of finding a design that suits your fashion and lifestyle among the many products on display is one of the charms of a directly managed store with such a wide selection of products. Although it is a shopping bag, it is highly fashionable, which is why you can continue to use it. The first step in considering the global environment is not to throw away anything.Ball & ChainTake your time to find your favorite design that you will want to continue using.

Ball & Chain> "SWEET"(LSize 5,500Circle).Msize(4,950yen) is also available.

Ball & Chain> "DJ CAT"(LSize 5,500Circle).Msize(4,950yen) is also available.

Ball & Chain> "GRYFFINDOR"(LSize 6,600Circle).Msize(6,050yen) is also available.

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  • Stylish and lightweight shopping bags are a hot topic. <Ball & Chain> directly managed store appears for the first time in the Tokai area!