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"Β (beta)" where you can enjoy a sporty and sophisticated new style for adults.In addition to the standard town and sports, the store manager Mr. Sato and the staff Mr. Yamada propose various "mixed" coordination such as men's & ladies', casual & formal, and crossing of different materials.

Shiny black wipes the weight!Ladies x men's mix coordination

Pants made from domestic fabrics made in Ishikawa prefecture, which is famous for producing synthetic fibers, using "Merrill nylon microfiber" from Spain <Nyrstar> are the main characters.Its features such as wrinkle resistance, stain resistance, and elasticity have been steadfastly popular since the brand was established.The tops to match are printed with pictures of catsTA shirt and a jacket with different sleeve designs on the left and right.Actually, only pants are ladies', and the others are men's items. There are many items designed for both men and women in "β", so it is recommended to share it with your partner and wear it.

Jackets 42,900Circle,Tshirt 19,800Circle, pants 20,900Yen, sneakers 20,900All yen and above <β> * Others are personal belongings of the staff

The pants have a silhouette that suddenly narrows from the knee to the bottom,360There is elasticity that stretches, and there is no feeling of tightening like leggings.The sleeve of the jacket has a pocket only on the left side.

Add sportiness to the mode feeling of docking T-shirts and shirts

TThe asymmetric tops, which look like a shirt and a button shirt, are full of mode.1Sheet.The fabric of the shirt part is a combination of polyester and silk, which is soft to the touch and has a light texture.A simple black long skirt calms the unique mode feeling.However, here too, the right side is a slit, the left side is a sporty white line, and the front is flared for a high design, and the moving skirt x mode mix creates an exquisite balance.

Tshirt 33,000Circle, skirt 25,300Yen, sneakers 20,900All yen and above <β> * Others are personal belongings of the staff

It is hard to notice from the front, and the casual slit on the right side creates femininity.

From the front, it looks like you're wearing a shirt, but in reality it's all1Sheet pattern.The green tag on the hem of the shirt also gives off a personality as a point.

The point is the casual "design show"!Playful coordination of denim x cuteness

Coordination for town with a rough impression on both the top and bottom.At first glance, it looks like a simple denim outfit, but the jacket is set short, so the point is the cuteness of the hem of the cut-and-sew even when viewed from behind.Also, on the chest of the cut-and-sew, there is an appliqué of a cat holding a surfboard, which designers often use as a motif.The bottom is now in the heyday of street fashion, which is attracting attention again.90Painter pants that were popular in the XNUMXs, this style is recommended for casual wear.

Jackets 53,900Circle, cut and sew 17,600Circle, pants 28,600Yen, sneakers 20,900All yen and above <β> * Others are personal belongings of the staff

Back style with a cut-and-sew peeking from the hem of the jacket.It is recommended to match the pattern and color.The loosely designed trousers make it comfortable to wear even when relaxing at home.

In addition to the large left and right patch pockets on the front, the left sleeve has a zip pocket.People who often go out without a bag will find it useful.

A style that gives a soft impression for men, created by lightness and roundness

The main character is a wrinkled washer cloth, and the side is switched with "Merrill nylon microfiber" material, and the blouson that can change the silhouette is the leading role.There are secret pockets and tags at the switching position, and the point is the casualness that can be seen only when moving.In addition, the white line on the side of the pants gives a sporty impression, perfect for active holiday scenes.The lightness of the blouson made of washer cloth and the rounded hemTCoordination that gives a soft impression that is gentle for men, such as shirts.

Blouson 53,900Circle,Tshirt 20,900Circle, pants 28,600Yen, sneakers 20,900All yen and above <β> * Others are personal belongings of the staff

The hem of the blouson can be squeezed to change the silhouette.The green tag that is casually placed on the side is the same specification as the jacket introduced in the first ladies' coordination.

The point is the rounded hem, which is rare for men.Tshirt.

Convenient XNUMX to play an active part on and offWAYMany users use the jacket as a golf suit!

By removing the hood, the jacket, which allows you to enjoy the duality of casual and smart, is a popular item that is useful in active social gatherings such as telework and golf.The pants are a men's version of the pants using "Merrill Nylon Microfiber" introduced in the first ladies'.Women's waist is elastic, while men's waist is stringed for fine adjustment.The silhouette is smart while being easy to move up and down, so it is a good balance to match high-tech sneakers with thick soles and high volume.

Jackets 53,900Circle,Tshirt 14,300Circle, pants 25,300Yen, sneakers 20,900All yen and above <β> * Others are personal belongings of the staff

Since the inner pocket is fully set on the left and right, it can also be used in the business scene.

Hooded jacket back style.It can be removed with the button on the inside of the jacket.

Jacket style with the hood removed.Wear it with a shirt and you'll be transformed into workwear.

Although sporty is the basis, "β" allows you to enjoy a crisp sports mix coordination that is not too loose with a solid material and a tight design.Items that allow you to experience the "playfulness that makes you feel happy and uplifting" that the designer is aware of will make your daily life more enjoyable and comfortable.

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