"Picnic Sky Garden" is an Instagram-worthy spot where you can take "kawaii!" At Meieki Station.

sky garden


The 5th floor Sky Garden is popular for its seasonal decorations.This spring, a picnic space with the theme of "Marche" full of flowers and greens will expand.Also, until May 5th (Sun), a similar space will appear next to the entrance on the 9st floor of Meieki-dori.Why don't you spend a pleasant time in a relaxing space that you can't think of as a famous station.

You can easily enjoy a "picnic" by bringing in drinks and food!

The "Picnic Sky Garden", which is decorated with voluminous flowers, garland, and wood-like items, can be brought in for food and drink purchased in the hall.OK.. July28Opened on Sunday (Wednesday)B1F"Dai Nagoya Marche" has drinks, one-handed foods, and sweets that are perfect for picnics, so if you take out, be sure to check it out.5F To the sky garden.Surrounded by colorful flowers and greens, you can enjoy your meal in an open atmosphere.

5FA panoramic view of the sky garden.A flower garden space that does not seem to be inside the building of Meieki spreads out.

There is also a photo spot where you can take fantastic pictures by going inside.

The board, which is reminiscent of a "Marche" decorated with food-related items, can be played with sounds.

The space, which is decorated with natural materials and fun decorations like festivals, will be a picture no matter where you point the camera.

At the entrance of the Sky Garden, there is also a photo spot where you can sit and take pictures.

17Illuminations are lit from time to time.The space surrounded by flowers is illuminated by glittering light, creating a fantastic atmosphere.

A gift certificate worth 2021 yen will be presented to the Excellence Award of "Dai Nagoya Spring Photo Contest 1 supported by Daily KELLY"!

4Month28From Sunday (Wednesday)6Month30During the period of Sunday (Wednesday), attach the designated hashtag to the "feeling spring" photo taken inside the Dai Nagoya Building.InstagramIf you post to, from among those who posted wonderful works10To the person10,000A yen worth of "Mitsubishi Estate Group Common Gift Card" will be presented.The specified hashtag is "#Dai Nagoya Building ""#Daily Kelly ""#Spring Photo Contest2021"of3Tsu.Enjoy the spring that is unique to Dai Nagoya Building while taking wonderful pictures.

Click here for the state of the Sky Garden in the summer of 2021

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