In the first half of 2021 GW, "VARIATION" will be held at the 5F Sky Garden

sky garden


For 5 days from May 1st (Sat) to May 5th (Wednesday/Holiday), an event called “VARIATION” where people can find new forms, strength and euphoria, and opportunities to enjoy life more. Two events will be held at the Sky Garden on the 5th floor of the "Bura-Bura Picnic", a collection of warm handmade items.This year's GW, please come to the special sky garden where you can meet special items!

"VARIATION" will be held in the first half of GW, where a variety of shops with the theme of "new changes and other forms" will be held.

5Month1Sunday (Sat) -3The first half of the day (Monday / holiday) is a new change (VARIATION)) In the Sky Garden of Dai Nagoya Building, rare shops that do not usually gather at Meieki gather for XNUMX days only.You can enjoy "variations" that can only be experienced here.

"VARIATION" store owner

Flower paper store (Ohanashi store)

A shop that proposes everyday life where you can feel the seasons through flowers.Arrangements using seasonal dried flowers are also popular, and we are also involved in store decoration.


A brand that mainly uses natural materials to produce clothes that are comfortable to wear every day and that are particular about their silhouette.We also accept resizing and semi-orders.


We are particular about materials, colors and textures, and make hats one by one by hand.In addition to the original functionality and decoration of hats, we make hats that are exciting to wear.2It is a brand launched by a group of people.


We sell unique baked sweets that combine Japanese ingredients such as shichimi miso, ginger, matcha, and roasted green tea with spices and herbs only at events, consignment sales, and online shops.Fashionable cookie tins are also popular.

Noraneko Koshoten

A lineup of old domestic picture books and old magazines, as well as foreign picture books from the Czech Republic and the United States.Since it is only available at online shops, the event is a good chance to pick it up and see it.


A coffee shop that refers to the culture of the country or region where coffee culture is alive, such as food, sweets, and service methods. A shop will open in Minami-ku, Nagoya in the fall of 2020.This time, we will sell coffee and baked sweets that match it.


A cafe in Tsurumai that mainly sells Japanese sake such as domestic wine and craft beer, and makes cakes and cookies that match it.Soft drinks and light meals will be sold at the event.


We make accessories using materials that we encountered at that time, such as Himalayan crystals of natural stone power stones and vintage parts. It is a brand that is handmade one by one with the theme of "unbalanced balance".


The concept is "accessories with a message that thinks about the other person and thinks about oneself".We are developing resin accessories using real flowers, which are inspired by the gorgeousness and strength of women.


We sell antique and vintage tableware and interior goods purchased overseas.You can come across simple items that add a touch of color to your daily life.


Home-roasted coffee is sold in a kitchen car. Based on the concept of "daily coffee that fits into everyday life," we provide coffee that blends into our daily lives.

ミ モ ザ

A business trip coffee shop that collaborates with various cafes and shops, and a shop that sells baked sweets according to the occasion.We sell baked sweets based on traditional sweets from each country.

IRISE antique

An antique shop with a store in Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture.We also hold many special exhibitions that show off the sense of the shopkeeper.

Chou Chou Bridal

A bridal production company that cherishes the idea that weddings = "special things that are an extension of everyday life" and proposes them in various places and shapes.We will hold a consultation meeting for outdoor wedding photos.


A total coordinated bridal salon located in Yagato, Nagoya.We will exhibit a photo booth where you can take pictures with a good atmosphere, and accessories and costumes.

atelier brico

An original baked confectionery "Mature Tart" with a store in Naka-ku, Nagoya, and a take-out specialty store of homemade granola.We sell "ripe tart" based on cookie dough that is made with time and effort.

Cafe Komasa* May 5st (Sat) only

An old folk house cafe with a signboard menu of handmade rice, snacks, and hayashi rice, which has a store in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture.At this event, we will sell bento boxes filled with the charm of "Cafe Komasa".

Onigiri-san* May 5st (Sat) only

We sell white rice cooked in a clay pot and handmade rice balls made from brown rice cooked in a pressure cooker.The variety and cute appearance are popular, such as rice balls cooked with seasonal ingredients and those with seasoned eggs.

HAND* May 5st (Sat) and 1nd (Sun) only

"Have a nice day(good1As the name of the store is named after the acronym "Sun", we develop various products with the aim of enriching our daily lives. We sell granola and tapioca drinks.

Corne specialty store Cornelco* May 5st (Sat) and 1nd (Sun) only

A Corne specialty store with a store in Kakuozan, Nagoya.We sell cornets and ice cornets that feature crispy Danish pastry.

Makinoko* May 5st (Sat) and 1nd (Sun) only

We sell unbaked sweets "loin sweets" that use raw nuts and dried fruits without using flour, sugar, eggs, dairy products, etc.It is a special sweet that you can feel the vitality of plants.

pixie* May 5st (Sat) and 1nd (Sun) only

A brand that develops accessories and miscellaneous goods using materials with a gentle atmosphere, such as hemp strings, tassel, and macrame knitted fabrics.You can find the perfect item for an item or gift that will make you feel better.

CO2A (core)* May 5st (Sat) and 1nd (Sun) only

A brand that makes leather accessories with a chic atmosphere based on monotone.Allergy-friendly accessories made of surgical stainless steel are also available.

Inabe pudding store* May 5 (Sun) only

We sell simple pudding made by combining domestic ingredients as much as possible with eggs and milk from Inabe City, Mie Prefecture.It is an old-fashioned taste that makes you feel nostalgic.The cute package is also eye-catching.

OISY* May 5 (Sun) only

Mr. Nishio, a food stylist who presides over a cooking class at a kitchen studio in Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, will sell "Oishii" bento that makes you smile when you eat it.

Hoshinoko Shokudo* May 5 (Monday / holiday) only

Shopkeeper in Nishi-ku, Nagoya1A small restaurant run by people.We sell simple bento boxes that you will want to eat every day, making the most of your registered dietitian and cook qualifications.

Snufkin* May 5 (Monday / holiday) only

Baking simple bread with homemade yeast made from seasonal fruits, etc.Snufkin".We also suggest how to eat homemade yeast bread that matches the dish.

SIBERIA* May 5 (Monday / holiday) only

A bakery with a store in Showa-ku, Nagoya, where bread that is simply baked without using eggs and homemade yeast campagne are gaining popularity.We sell several popular menus.

Hands and eyes (Tetome)* May 5 (Monday / holiday) only

A brand that makes accessories that combine stone and metal and develops them only at events and online shops.A selection of stone accessories with a mysterious glow.

LOVEVEGAS* May 5 (Monday / holiday) only

A used clothing shop with a store in Osu.We are particular about American used clothing and European used clothing, and sell carefully selected items.In addition to clothes, we also handle accessories for ethnic minorities.

Sky Garden Market

Date / time /5Month1Sunday (Sat) -5Month5Sun (Wednesday / holiday) 11 : 00~17 : 00

place/5F Sky Garden (Rainy weather, stormy weather canceled)

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