In the second half of GW in 2021, we will hold a “Burabura Picnic” at the 5F Sky Garden

sky garden


For 5 days from May 1st (Sat) to May 5th (Wednesday/Holiday), an event called “VARIATION” where people can find new forms, strength and euphoria, and opportunities to enjoy life more. Two events will be held at the Sky Garden on the 5th floor of the "Bura-Bura Picnic", a collection of warm handmade items.This year's GW, please come to the special sky garden where you can meet special items!

In the latter half of GW, we will hold a "Burabura Picnic" where popular handmade artists gather

5Month4With Sunday (Tuesday / holiday)5On Sundays (Wednesday / holidays)2During the day, there are a lot of handmade warm items, mainly handmade miscellaneous goods and sweets.Many shops do not have actual stores, so you can enjoy encounters unique to the event venue.

"Burning picnic" store owner

Morino school

Website "Handmade works"Creema(Creamer) "and"minne(Minne) ”, both popular rankings1A charismatic writer of handmade bags that won the rank.First store in Nagoya.


Twinmai & moeIs a handmade accessory brand produced with the concept of "adult cute".Drama"M It has been adopted in many drama costumes, including Minami Tanaka, who appeared in "Beloved One".

MM20a_tenniswear (MM Twenty A Accessory Tennis Wear)

"Enjoy tennis for a long time(Enjoy your tennis life for a long time)"With the concept of, functionality and fashionability are moderateMIXA brand that makes tennis wear and items that can be worn everyday.


All handmade hair accessory brand.We are particular about the design and quality that can be used habitually for a long time as a standard while being unique.

70STOCK (Nanao Stock)

By combining finely cut leather pieces, we mainly produce one-of-a-kind accessories.It features a design that gives you a feeling of hardness and sharpness, which is contrary to the naturalness and softness of leather.


A brand that makes one-of-a-kind bijou accessories with a sense of volume by combining various materials and colors.You can find items that are the key to coordination.


Handmade accessories made from natural ingredients such as real vegetables, fruits and plants.Items that are carefully made one by one and are full of individuality are lined up.


"happy"so"smileAn amigurumi writer who creates amigurumi with a gentle expression that makes you feel like you are. The simple texture and expression are attractive.


Handmade shop "" in Shinshiro City, Aichi PrefecturepetAmigurumi made by Mami, the owner of "Scrunchie", is on sale.You can decorate and see the amigurumi that will heal you.

Lovely Star ☆

An amigurumi writer who conveys the world of amigurumi that sparkles and sparkles.We are lovingly knitting and growing while paying attention to the selection of yarn, color, shape and facial expression.

KumaJirushi *

1A lineup of amigurumi made while looking for a "cute shape", just like drawing with a book thread.We will deliver cute dolls and animals that will make you smile.

Forest overhang

We produce amigurumi of animals and dolls with a simple warmth unique to handmade.Amigurumi with unique facial expressions and characters are available.


An accessory shop for adults and girls, such as accessories made by ordering old parts from West Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, etc., and accessories using natural stone.


We sell original fruit sandwiches made by "Miyacho", a bento and delicatessen shop in Kanie-cho, Ama-gun, Aichi Prefecture.It is a popular menu that is inevitably sold out and is sold only on days of the week at the main store.

Origami Art Kazumi Ori (Origami Art Ori Kazumi)

We sell origami art works such as accessories made from bright Japanese paper and shades that incorporate aroma scents that match the Japanese space.We have brooches, earrings and earrings that are the key points of coordination.


We sell tile accessories made from Mino ware, which is a traditional craft of Gifu prefecture.

Knitting accessory Lin (Amikomonorin)* May 5th (Tuesday / holiday) only

A lace knitting accessory that "enjoys the colors" that is made by carefully knitting threads as thin as hand-sewn threads one by one.We have a variety of colors so that you can choose your favorite color with excitement.

SAMO serendipity* May 5th (Tuesday / holiday) only

We value "making and excitement" and make hats that make you feel better when you wear them even with simple clothes."The pointed form is impressive"TuNoUnique children's hats such as "Beret" are lined up.

Fletmo* May 5th (Tuesday / holiday) only

The concept is "a chiffon cake that even small children can eat with peace of mind."We are particular about domestic ingredients and sell chiffon cakes made without using white sugar, baking powder, coloring agents, preservatives.

Stainless cutlery Irosajiya* May 5 (Wednesday / holiday) only

We sell stainless steel cutlery that is carefully finished one by one with plant-derived nylon resin.We have cutlery with a wide variety of colors that has no unpleasant metallic odor and is pleasant to the touch.

aloha coffee* May 5 (Wednesday / holiday) only

A cafe in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture.High-quality arabica beans and green coffee beans grown in the Chiapas plateau, the sanctuary of Maya, and hand-picked one by one.100%We sell used coffee and vegan baked goods.

Rio Flower* May 5 (Wednesday / holiday) only

A flower shop that purchases flowers directly from producers and markets in Aichi Prefecture.We also offer a service to deliver flowers directly to your home on a regular basis so that you can easily incorporate them into your life.This time, we will also sell fresh flowers for Mother's Day only.

Sky Garden Market

Date / time /5Month1Sunday (Sat) -5Month5Sun (Wednesday / holiday) 11 : 00~17 : 00

place/5F Sky Garden (Rainy weather, stormy weather canceled)

*Prices posted on the website are
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* The posted information is as of the date of information disclosure.
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