Let's enjoy the new standard "lunch picnic" of Meieki workers!

sky garden


Written by Dai Nagoya Building PR Manager Mu

Hello!I'm Mu, a spokeswoman for Dai Nagoya Building.

Currently being held5FI came to "Picnic Sky Garden"!It is a picnic space with the theme of "Marche" full of flowers.The colorful garland is hanging on it, and it feels like you're at a festival.

The weather was very nice on this day, and the colorful flowers and decorations shined in the blue sky, making it even more beautiful.Involuntarily snap a photo!My camera roll is full of pictures of Sky Garden (laughs)

I often have a "lunch picnic" here as there are plenty of takeaway menus in the building.It feels even more delicious when eaten outdoors.Recent fun is underground1Around the "Dai Nagoya Marche" that was born on the floor.All of them look really delicious, and I just messed up.

Sweets are also added on the occasional reward day.The other day,B1F"Metzgerei Inoue" rice balls and "Ohagi3I took out the rice cake.Meatloaf x perilla rice balls and seasonal rice balls.I've been aiming for it all the time, but it was really delicious.When I was thinking about eating other types of rice this time, I suddenly realized that it was rice and rice.I feel like going out with just one trunk.

Sky Garden12It feels even better as the sun shines from time to time.It seems that serotonin is secreted when you sunbathe, so just soak up the sun and refresh your head and body!You can do your best in the afternoon with a refreshing feeling!On weekdays, it's a luxury to have a picnic alone on the bench, and on holidays, you can bring a seat and enjoy a leisurely picnic on the lawn.

Ice cream is good for desserts in the coming season. In the matcha software of "Saijoen Matcha Cafe", "annon tea house"Gelato (spice milk is the best!),"SOLO PIZZA Napoletana"Gelato prepared in Italy, etc .... The fun of Meieki workers was endless.

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