"Himawari Sky Garden 2021" has started, where you can take "filled" pictures!

sky garden


The sky garden, which is popular for seasonal decorations and allows you to enjoy a little trip, has entered the sunflower season!You can meet a flower field of sunflowers that you can't think of as a famous station.There is also a bench, so you can bring in the drinks and sweets you bought at Dai Nagoya Marche and spend a relaxing time.

"Sunflower Sky Garden 5" is now being held at the 2021th floor Sky Garden!

The yellow flower field is a different space that makes a picture no matter where you look.

7Month14The 5th floor Sky Garden will start as "Sunflower Sky Garden 2021" from Sunday (Wednesday). The decoration of the sunflower field, which was popular in 2019, is back with a power-up of the photo spot this year."Gazebo" where you can take pictures with the wall of sunflowers in the background, and Hanking chair where you can take "selfie" with a bright expression on a sunny afternoon.Social MediaThere is no doubt that you will be able to take pictures that will attract attention!Please enjoy yourself with your camera or smartphone in one hand.

A sunflower field spreads out when you pass through the entrance arch.

Planters and objects are displayed in various places, creating a bright atmosphere.

The "Hanking Chair" is a photo spot where you can sit and take pictures with a cute pineapple-like appearance.

Inside the "gazebo" surrounded by greenery, the walls are all sunflowers!Photograph ◎1You should be able to take a picture.

The approach of lined up sunflowers, which is about the height, makes you feel excited just by walking.Illuminated at night.

Why don't you spend a pleasant summer time in the sunflower field at Meieki where you can get energized.

Click here for the sky garden in the spring of 2021

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