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Written by Dai Nagoya Building PR Manager Mu

Hello!Dai Nagoya BuildingPRI'm in charge of it.The other day, Instagrammer'sIBUMr. Miss(@ Ibu0519) And Mr. Kou (@F_pnpo), XNUMX currently being heldFI was guided to "Himawari Sky Garden" and taught me how to take wonderful pictures that look great on Instagram.Here are some tips on how to take pictures that you learned from them!

First of all, I am also a mother of two childrenIBUTaught me "How to take cute pictures with children"!

What are the key points when shooting with your child?

iPhoneBy all meansLIVEIn mode!It is difficult for small children to keep their facial expressions, so don't miss a momentary smile.iPhoneof"LIVEfunction"Was being utilized.By using this functionEven if the child moves, he can cut out the best moments and make a nice photo.Naruhodo ~!

What are the recommended processing tips?

LIVEIn mode, it is best to turn a photo with the best timing into a bright photo.IBUSan style!In the "edit mode" of the photo,Adjust "Brightness" and "Shadow"It seems to be processed.IBU'SInstagramWhen I saw, it was unified with bright pictures.It was important to have a sense of unity in the photos, so I would like to try photo processing as well!

What is the recommended shooting method in Sky Garden?

A shot with a child sitting against the backdrop of a sunflower in full bloom is recommended!"The sky garden is made of artificial turf, so it's okay for children to sit down!"IBUMr. Miss.In a real sunflower field, it is difficult to sit on the soil ... So why not let your child sit and take a picture, which is possible only in Sky Garden?also,8It seems that many months-old children carry their own pictures.The point when hugging is to decide the background and angle to some extent before shooting.It seems that he tries to move himself by considering the orientation of the child's face as much as possible.

Next, I asked Mr. Kou, who is good at simple and fashionable photos, to teach me how to take "instagram photos"!

What is the point of taking photos that look good on Instagram?

Point ① Be conscious of shooting horizontally by using the grit line well!

A "grit line" that can be easily set with a mobile camera.If you take a picture with a normal camera, it will be slanted and it will be difficult to balance, but it seems that it will be easier to take a well-balanced picture if you match the subject to the line by using the grit line as a reference.If all the photos are angled, the claims will be intense when looking at the entire feed post, soI dare to keep it horizontal!This is a scale from my eyes ...!Memo Memo.

Point (XNUMX) Devise coordination according to the shooting location

Kou is also good at sending out full-body coordination on Instagram in a fashionable way.On this day, I was able to coordinate a dress with a light color that is not too strong to match the atmosphere of the sunflower.The bags and shoes are all white, so they look great in the sunflower field!I want to imitate!When taking a picture that is conscious of the coordination of the whole body, it seems that it will be balanced if you are conscious of creating a margin at the top!

What are the recommended processing tips?

Mr. Kou, who values ​​the world view of his account, unifies with a single color (brown), so image processing is doneInstagramIt seems to be done by editing.If you add "warmth" and subtract "saturation", it will be a single color base processing.Furthermore, when you want to give "fluffy softness",Add "brightness" and process "Lux" to minus, When you want to give "adultness""Warmth" is added, and "Saturation" and "Brightness" are processed to minus.It seems to do.

What is the recommended shooting method in Sky Garden?

"One side is a sunflower wall".Recommended in the gazebo!"Inside the gazeboThe wall is filled with sunflowers, and the mini light bulbs are cute!This is a unique photo spot! "Mr. Kou.It is recommended to take a picture with a little sideways or with a backThat's right. "I think you can take cute pictures even if you take a picture with your friends or take a selfie by yourself!"It looks like you can take various pictures!

I also took a picture based on the tips I was taught.

The best result in my history!It's fun to be particular about the composition of the photo and how to take it!me tooInstagramI want to upload it to.Based on the photo-taking method learned this time, Dai Nagoya Building official will continueInstagram (@dainagoya_pr)andWe will send it out, so please check it out! !!And I hope everyone will take on the challenge of taking photos that will look great on Instagram at Himawari Sky Garden! !!


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