It's fun even in the daytime!Photo spot of "Winter Illuminations" over "photographing" with Instagrammer Miharu

sky garden


The 11th floor Sky Garden "Winter Illuminations" has been well received by many people since November 10th (Wednesday).With Instagrammer Miharu and her daughter Himari, we visited spots where you can enjoy "photographing" even in the daytime.

The pure white flower curtain shines brilliantly in the sunlight!

The main photo spot "Gazebo" is decorated with a flower curtain with a white flower motif hanging on it.Since the inside of this "gazebo" is mirror-shaped, it has a reputation for being able to take mysterious photographs by reflecting the flower motif and itself.Please take a picture of yourself.

Photo spot

First of all, with the approach following the main photo spot "Gazebo"1Sheet.

Flower motif

In the center of the "gazebo", there is a flower motif that seems to flow down from above, creating a mysterious space.It is also recommended to wear pure white clothes and take a picture of the world view in white.

Photo spot

The mirror ball near the main photo spot is also perfect for photos.

Mirror ball

The reflection of the sunlight is beautiful, and you can enjoy taking pictures by reflecting yourself on the mirror ball.

Mirror ball

The white flower motif exerts a reflector effect, and the light of the surrounding suncatcher makes it possible to take bright and beautiful pictures.

The metallic wall, which shows a glittering expression every time the wind blows, is also an inevitable spot for shooting.

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Disney character photo spots12Month25Held until Sunday (Saturday)

Disney's Christmas promotion “Disney Christmas the WONDERFUL PRESENT! Come on, let's smile."The theme of the decoration is "To have the best smile with the important person in front of you."12Month25Limited time until Sunday (Saturday).If you like Disney characters, check it out as you can enjoy taking pictures at the photo spots of characters such as Mickey Mouse, Disney Princess, Monsters, Inc., Marvel Hero, and Star Wars!

A pentagonal object with Disney characters drawn on each side.There are other photo spots for each character in the Sky Garden.

Disney character photo spots throughout the Sky Garden.Shooting in the same pose looks interesting.


A photo spot of Mickey Mouse at the entrance of the Sky Garden.

LED Not only is it lit up at night when the lights are shining, but it also looks great in the sun.5FSky Garden "Winter Illuminations".Please feel free to visit with your camera or smartphone in one hand.

© Disney © Disney / Pixar ©&™ Lucasfilm Ltd. © 2021 MARVEL

Dai Nagoya Building Winter Illuminations

【Schedule】2021Years11Month10Sunday (Wednesday) ~

Disney Christmas promotion“Disney Christmas the WONDERFUL PRESENT! Come on, let's get a smile.”Interlocking with12Month25Day(Sat)Until.

【time】11:00~23:00 *Lighting is16:00~

【place】5F sky garden

Closed in stormy weatherThe contents are subject to change without notice depending on various circumstances.

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  • It's fun even in the daytime!Photo spot of "Winter Illuminations" over "photographing" with Instagrammer Miharu