Take the "accompaniment" that is perfect for watching cherry blossoms at night to the "Sakura Skai Garden" where the illuminations shine

sky garden


The "Sakura Skai Garden" at night when various lights illuminate is a sightseeing spot in Nagoya that we would like to recommend during this season.B1F Dai Nagoya Marche has a variety of dishes that are perfect for watching cherry blossoms at night, such as soups and drinks that warm your cold body, and one-handed food that you can easily eat.

"Sakura Skai Garden" at night fascinated by fantastic night cherry blossoms and illuminations

Before sunset17"Sakura Skai Garden" that lights up the illuminations from time to time.Pink light lit up on the empty trees in the daytime, as if cherry blossoms had bloomed.The cherry blossom trees illuminated by bright light show the unique expression of the illuminated cherry blossoms, which is different from the daytime when you feel the cheerfulness of spring.

The illuminated night sky garden is full of charm that is different from the daytime "Sakura Skai Garden" where you can feel the warm spring.

There are various cherry blossoms such as pale pink like Yoshino cherry tree and dark cherry blossom like weeping cherry tree.1The symbol tree found in book trees.

 The "row of cherry blossom trees in the sky" is also surrounded by fantastic light.

Glittering light is reflected and it is "photographable"1You should be able to take a picture.

PhotographI"A row of cherry blossom trees in the sky"Spreads!Dai Nagoya Building5FSky garden noon" Cherry-blossom viewing"Article aboutplease use this form.

4Month24Limited to Sunday! "Fruit Daifuku Sakura Strawberry" from [Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten]

3Month9Dai Nagoya Building that started on Wednesday6Anniversary "SAKURA 6th ANNIVERSARY"Fruit Daifuku Sakura Strawberry" made according to "" is "photographable ◎"1Product.1Daifuku is a spring-like fruit with a single cherry blossom on the most popular strawberry, and the refreshing scent of strawberries and the faint scent of cherry blossoms make you feel the arrival of spring.

"Fruit Daifuku Sakura Strawberry" (starting from 1 yen per piece) that you can enjoy a beautiful cross section with the special "mochi cutting thread".

[Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten] has an article about the commitment to fruits.please use this form.

3Month31Limited to Sunday (Thursday)! [Metzgerei Inoue] "Soup with plenty of ingredients for crunchy cartilage bacon"

Dream Pork1From the head2"Kori Kori Cartilage Bacon Ingredients Plenty Soup" is a combination of cartilage bacon made from rare parts that can only be taken from books and plenty of vegetables.The "eating soup" that you can enjoy with the simmered cabbage and corn and the crunchy cartilage bacon is only available now.I am glad that the volume that warms the cold body and fills the small stomach1It's a cup.

"Soup with plenty of ingredients for crunchy cartilage bacon" (648Circle).

Articles about the popular menu of [Metzgerei Inoue]please use this form.

"Nishio Dark Tea Latte" from [Saijoen Matcha Cafe], which combines bittersweet matcha with gentle milk

"Nishio Dark Tea Latte" is made using only matcha carefully selected by Nishio's long-established tea shop."Matcha milk", which is a combination of bittersweet matcha and milk, was fluffy steamed with a coffee machine from the Italian cappuccino maker "La Chimbali".1It is a cup and has a gentle taste while being a rich matcha.

Hot "Nishio Dark Tea Latte" (RSize540Circle).Classic popular "Nishio Matcha Latte" (RSize490Because it uses matcha that is stronger than the yen), you can enjoy the luxurious taste of matcha.

[Saijoen Matcha Cafe] Articles about the deliciousness of matchaplease use this form.

【light byTaiwan Jipai Research Institute]'s "Big Chicken Exhaust" is a menu unique to eating while walking

"Dazzy pie", which has been booming in Japan, is fried chicken sold at Taiwanese food stalls and is perfect for walking around.1Goods.Using plenty of original spices ordered from Taiwan, the huge deep-fried crispy fried chicken is perfect for eating!There is no doubt that the unique spice with a strong scent will arouse your appetite and make you sick.

Soft and moist fried "large chicken jipai" (680The circle) is about the size of a palm.We also have a lineup of "cup chicken dumplings" with small fried chicken in a cup.

【light byThe article about the sweets "Imoen Douhua" from Taiwan Institute of Fine Arts isplease use this form.

Enjoy a variety of dim sum little by little [Creative Chinese dim sum] "Dim sum set"

Yokohama's famous "Sanma-men" and hearty bento boxes are gaining popularity [Creative Chinese Huabei].How about a "dim sum set" with various dim sum to accompany you to appreciate the cherry blossoms at night?From crispy fried foods to sweet sweets dim sum1It is a great menu packed in a pack.

The content is a "dim sum set" that varies from day to day (518Circle).The set includes chewy sesame dumplings, fried chicken, and spring rolls.

Articles about other menus of [Creative Chinese Hua Star]please use this form.

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