Also pay attention to the illumination at night.Sunflower Sky Garden 2022, a summer feature of Nagoya Station

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Full-scale summer has come to Nagoya Station!The popular summer event "Himawari Sky Garden 2022" has started again this year.Everyone should be able to spend extraordinary time in the summer-like scenery where the entire sky garden is filled with "sunflowers".Please enjoy the 2022 version of "Himawari Sky Garden", which has been scaled up and powered up even more than before.

"Photo spot" selected by the official Instagram follower vote is now available!

For the 2022 "Himawari Sky Garden", a voting plan will be held in advance on the official Instagram of Dai Nagoya Building to decide which photo spot is better from the two designs.The door-shaped photo spot that has been selected is one of the highlights.Use this door as a location to take your own photo.In addition, there are plenty of spots that can be used for photography and, of course, video shooting, such as a swing with a cute fancy world view and a decoration with sunflowers on the bicycle.

formulaInstagramThe "door type" photo spot realized by the voting project of2022It is a symbol of the annual version of "Sunflower Sky Garden".

Children are likely to become popular2A swing for people is also installed.The view of the world goes well with sunflowers.When shooting, please use it by giving up to each other.

There is also a photo spot with a refreshing atmosphere in which bicycles and sunflowers collaborate.The sunflowers displayed in the basket of the bicycle are also cute.

It is also possible to shoot surrounded by longing sunflowers, like shooting in the middle of a sunflower field

At "Sunflower Sky Garden 2022" in Dai Nagoya Building, silk flower sunflowers are used.People who are afraid of insects and cannot enter the real sunflower field can enjoy it with confidence.Of course, you can also take a photo-jet shot surrounded by sunflowers, as if you were in a sunflower field.This is a spot that people who have never been to a sunflower field should definitely enjoy.It is also recommended to bring in the drinks purchased in the Dai Nagoya Building and spend time in a “picnic mood” while hydrating.

You can also take a longing photo surrounded by sunflowers here.Enjoy the summer in the "sunflower field" that appeared in the city center for a limited time.

Light up will be held from 18:XNUMX."Night" sunflower sky garden while bathing in the night breeze

When you hear the word "sunflower field", it is generally an image of daytime, but "Sunflower Sky Garden 2022" at Dai Nagoya Building is23You can enjoy it until time.18From time to time, it will be lit up.You can enjoy a slightly moody summer landscape that is different from the daytime landscape.Spend an extraordinary time surrounded by sunflowers while bathing in the night breeze.Staying in the center of the city, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, at the "Sunflower Sky Garden"2022Please feel the "summer of the year" to your heart's content.

The illuminated sunflower field gives a different look to the daytime.A time to forget that you are in the city while taking a pleasant night breeze.

<Holding period>6Month24Sunday (Friday) ~9Month25Sun (Sun)

<Time>11:00~23:00 * Light up18:00~

<Location>5F Sky Garden * Closed in stormy weather

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