[2022 version] A fantastic floating garden woven by light.Dai Nagoya Building "Christmas Illumination 2022" is being held!

sky garden


Every year, approximately 15 people (*1) visit the Dai-Nagoya Building's winter tradition, "Christmas Illuminations," which will start on November 11 (Wednesday). The 9th floor sky garden will be turned into a “light garden” for a limited time.This year, with the theme of "White Gold Christmas", we will develop a fantastic world of light that incorporates a production that changes the light depending on the time.Don't forget about the photo spots that attract attention every year.

The garden is enveloped in a fantastic light production. The theme for 2022 is "White Gold Christmas"

The sky garden of the Dai Nagoya Building is a place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of Nagoya Station and feel as if time is passing slowly.The season of "Christmas illuminations" has arrived again this year at this sky garden, which changes the atmosphere with various illuminations every season. "Christmas illumination2022's theme is 'White Gold Christmas'.As the name suggests, we will deliver a gorgeous and fantastic world of light based on white gold illumination.In addition, pay attention to the production that the light changes depending on the time.The illumination changes with the passage of time.It will make your time here even more memorable.

the main tree15in a minute1At the timing when it turns dark, the surrounding illumination lights up one after another.Experience the dramatic atmosphere as if the world of light is opening up.

A ring-shaped illumination welcomes you at the entrance.A perfect photo spot

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter the Sky Garden is the ring-shaped illumination set up right at the entrance.Diameter approx.2mThe decorations surrounding the ring of the2022It creates an atmosphere that symbolizes ".If you pass through the ring and enter inside, you can take a photogenic photo as if you were surrounded by a frame of illumination.In addition, a photo spot with the image of “Santa's sleigh” is also available at the back of the venue.In front of the Christmas-like design background, hold a photo session as if you were Santa Claus.Photos taken at various places in the venueInstagramPost at.hashtag"#Great Nagoya Illumination2022, don't forget.

When taking a picture, go through the ring and face this way and eat high cheese.You can take stylish pictures by using the illumination of the ring like a photo frame.

Feel like Santa Claus on a golden sleigh.The sled2There is enough space for a couple of people to get on, so it is a perfect photo spot for couples and families.

On the 2nd floor, there is also an illumination with a cute “bear” motif!

"Christmas illumination2022"The highlight of5FIt's not just Sky Garden.2FDon't miss it!There is an illumination with a cute fir tree “bear” sitting on it.5FPlease say hello to Kuma-chan, who is surrounded by white gold illuminations, keeping the atmosphere of the sky garden as it is (laughs).Now it is no exaggeration to say that Nagoya Station's winter tradition is "Christmas Illuminations".2022Please enjoy slowly and thoroughly.

Feel free to take pictures with the cute bear on the 2nd floor.InstagramWhen posting, use the hashtag "#Great Nagoya Illumination2022, don't forget!


<Period>2022Years11Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25Sun (Sun) *Closed in case of stormy weather

<Time>11:00~23:00 * Lighting17:00~

<Price> Admission free

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  • [2022 version] A fantastic floating garden woven by light.Dai Nagoya Building "Christmas Illumination 2022" is being held!