Declaration of blooming cherry blossoms from Dai Nagoya Building? !"Sakura Sky Garden 2023", where the garden is dyed in cherry blossoms, is being held!

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The sky garden on the 5th floor of the Dai Nagoya Building, where you can spend a peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of Nagoya Station, will be dyed in cherry blossom color again in 2023."Sakura Sky Garden", which was very popular last year, is back.Enjoy cherry blossom viewing earlier than anywhere else in Nagoya city at the cherry blossom garden, where the atmosphere changes dramatically from day to night.

Sakura is a flower that everyone in Japan loves.A Valuable Spot to Enjoy Cherry Blossom Viewing at Nagoya Station

Of Japanese98``Sakura'' is a representative flower of Japan, and ``I like it''.It is also a flower that announces the change of the four seasons, and everyone can feel the arrival of spring just by looking at it.At the Dai Nagoya Building, the "Sakura Sky Garden" will be held, dyeing the sky garden in the color of cherry blossoms, ahead of the cherry blossoms in Nagoya.It is open to the public for free as a spot where you can casually enjoy cherry blossom viewing while staying in the Meieki area.

Continuing from last year,2023In XNUMX, the “Sakura Sky Garden” was also developed.Don't forget the Dai Nagoya Building Sky Garden as a new cherry blossom spot in the Meieki area.

Behind the row of cherry blossom trees, there is a symbol tree with a beautiful gradation of cherry blossoms.

Dai Nagoya Building5FAs soon as you enter the sky garden, the cherry blossom arch welcomes you.If you ring the bell announcing the arrival of spring, the cherry blossom viewing mood will increase even more.First of all, don't forget to take a photo in front of this arch.In the back of the cherry blossom trees that continue from there, there is a symbol tree of "Sakura Sky Garden".The beauty of the cherry blossom color gradation that combines various types of cherry blossom petals will remind you of the special charm of cherry blossoms.

Ring the bell announcing the start of the cherry blossom viewing at the Sakura Arch.This is also a popular photo spot.

Various cherry blossom colors are combined to complete a beautiful pink gradation color symbol tree.

This year, the tasteful "weeping cherry tree" will also join the ranks.You can enjoy a different taste of cherry blossoms.

If you go further inside, a photo spot with cherry blossoms on the wall will appear!

If you go further behind the symbol tree, you will see a “Sakura Wall” photo spot where the entire wall is filled with cherry blossom petals.You can take a special picture with your background full of cherry blossoms.Here is the best “cherry blossom viewing” spot.No matter where you look in the hall, it is a world of cherry blossoms.17When the time comes, the illuminations will turn on, and the world will change into a mood that is different from the daytime.Enjoying the cherry blossoms at night is another pleasure.underground1FOne of the unique ways to enjoy the Dai-Nagoya Building is to take a leisurely stroll around cherry blossom viewing with drinks and food purchased at the Dai-Nagoya Marche.

The cherry blossom wall, which was very popular last year, will of course appear again this year!Please cooperate with each other when taking pictures.The photo with the background filled with cherry blossoms is a “cherry blossom” photo that cannot be taken at general cherry blossom viewing spots.Photos taken with the hashtag "#Sakura Sky Garden2023"InstagramPost to

The atmosphere is completely different between day and night, making it a place that you will want to visit again and again.Please enjoy both the day and night expressions during the period.The best time to see is the time when the sun goes down from the evening.

<Period>2023Years3Month9Sunday (Thursday) ~5Month7Sun (Sun) *Closed in case of stormy weather

<Time>11:00~23:00 * Lighting17:00~

<Price> Admission free

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  • Declaration of blooming cherry blossoms from Dai Nagoya Building? !"Sakura Sky Garden 2023", where the garden is dyed in cherry blossoms, is being held!