To the oasis of Nagoya Station "Himawari Sky Garden 2023"."Sunflower garden" appears in the city center!

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Speaking of Nagoya Station's summer tradition, the Dai Nagoya Building's summer limited event "Sunflower Sky Garden 2023".Every year, it is gaining popularity as an “urban oasis” where you can spend a peaceful time while staying at Nagoya Station.The space where the sunflowers are “increased” more than last year is full of “photogenic” spots no matter where you shoot.Photo props (accessories) for shooting are also available, so why not take a picture of yourself and make summer memories.

No matter where you look, the sky garden of "sunflowers" is the place where you can feel the most summer at Nagoya Station.

Speaking of summer at Dai Nagoya Building, it is "Sunflower Sky Garden".This year, the number of sunflowers is “increased” compared to last year, making the space overwhelmingly photogenic.No matter where you take a photo, you will find a special summer-like1You should be able to take a picture.One of the highlights is the ring-shaped photo spot just inside the venue.Standing or sitting in front of the ring, you can take a special sunflower photo with your own composition.Next to the ring-shaped photo spot is the Dai Nagoya Building OfficialInstagramStarting with the tornado photo props that were selected in the voting project at the event, there are many photo props available, so feel free to use them for your photo shoots.If you go further, you will see a tunnel of sunflowers and terraced fields, and there are plenty of highlights.No matter where you look, there is only "sunflower" in the space, and the tension rises naturally.Feel like taking a walk in a sunflower field while you are in the center of Nagoya.

The color of sunflowers is a summery color that gives you energy just by looking at it. "Sunflower Sky Garden" is a special space surrounded by sunflowers in every direction.

A ring-shaped photo spot that catches your eye first when you enter the venue.Stand or sit to find your special photo composition.

Go through the sunflower tunnel and go deeper.The feeling of taking a walk in the sunflower field will increase steadily.

This year, various accessories (photo props) are also available for shooting.

Dai Nagoya Building OfficialInstagramIf you use the tornado photo props selected in the voting project, you can take such a mysterious picture.different from others1When you want to take a picture, please try using Tornado Photo Props.

Take an “extraordinary” photo at “Sunflower Sky Garden”.find your favorite spot

There is also a perfect spot for taking pictures in the innermost part of the hall.Here, too, you can take pictures of extraordinary things that you cannot normally photograph.1You should be able to take a picture.The many playful spots that can only be created with fake flowers are the big attraction of "Himawari Sky Garden".again,18After midnight, the lights are lit up, giving the venue a completely different atmosphere from the daytime.The garden, which changes its expression from day to evening to night, is full of new discoveries no matter how many times you visit.Enjoy "Himawari Sky Garden" not only once during the period, but many times at various times.

Sunflowers are a photogenic flower.You'll feel like you're on a short trip, so much so that you'll forget you're in the Nagoya Station area.You can take as many pictures as you want, so take as many pictures as you want.

"Sunflower Sky Garden" that gradually changes its expression during the day.At night, the orange sunflowers are illuminated, creating a magical atmosphere.

<Period>2023Years6Month30Sunday (Friday) ~9Month18Sun (Mon/holiday) *Scheduled

<Time>11:00~23:00(The light up18:00~) * Closed during stormy weather

<Location> Dai Nagoya Building Shops & RestaurantsFiveF sky garden

<Price> Admission free

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