[2023 Edition] Nagoya Station's winter tradition "Great Nagoya Building Christmas Illumination 2023" is now being held!

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Just when you think the heat has subsided, the Christmas illumination season has already arrived.“Dainagoya Christmas Illumination 2023” started on Wednesday, November 11, 8 at the Dainagoya Building.The 2023th floor Sky Garden, located 30m above the ground, is a unique space decorated with approximately 5 illuminations.Please enjoy the special “Floating Gardens of Meieki” that can only be seen at this time of year.

The sky garden, dyed in champagne gold, becomes a fantastic photogenic spot.

The theme of the 2023 “Great Nagoya Christmas Illumination” is “Champagne Gold Christmas.”The sky garden at Nagoya Station has been transformed into a photogenic space unified with high-quality adult gold colors.about11In addition to the XNUMX-ball illumination display, there are even more photo spots this year.Starting from the ring arch right at the venue's entrance, go through the illumination tunnel and the symbolic tree will appear.The limited-time scenery that can only be seen at this time of year is sure to further enliven the Christmas mood.

The elegant and rich champagne gold color illumination goes well with the sky garden.

The illuminated tunnel will add to the Christmas spirit.

When you think of Christmas illuminations, you think of "Christmas trees."It is an essential photo spot.

We also have a box-shaped photo spot where you can immerse yourself in the world of illuminations.

Another highlight is the "box-shaped" photo spot where you can step inside and take photos.When you enter the box with the motif of a present box,360A special world surrounded by ornaments opens up. ``Great Nagoya Building Christmas Illuminations''2023A moment when you can immerse yourself in the worldview of ``.In addition, there is a horse-drawn carriage photo spot where you can actually take photos while riding, and it is a space where you will not be without your camera, as you will encounter new photo spots every time you walk.Before Christmas arrives, be sure to check out Nagoya Station's winter tradition, ``Great Nagoya Christmas Illumination.''

At the photo spot on the carriage, you can actually sit and take photos.

Enjoy it even after you get inside!A box-shaped photo spot invites you to the world of Christmas illuminations.

<Period>2023Years11Month8Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25Sunday (Monday) *Closed in case of stormy weather

<Time>11:00~23:00 * Lighting17:00~

<Location> Dai Nagoya Building Shops & RestaurantsFiveF sky garden

<Price> Admission free

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  • [2023 Edition] Nagoya Station's winter tradition "Great Nagoya Building Christmas Illumination 2023" is now being held!