[2024 Edition] Sky Garden is dyed in “cherry blossom color”. "Sakura Sky Garden 2024" is being held

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Speaking of spring at the Great Nagoya Building, there is the annual Sakura Sky Garden. This year as well, the limited-time event “Sakura Sky Garden 3” started on March 6th (Wednesday). Welcome to a photogenic, spring-filled space where you can feel like cherry blossom viewing every day, even while staying in the center of Nagoya. In addition, the ema project that was popular in the past is back as a “Sakura Ver.”! At this time of year, when many people are starting a new life, why not record your wishes on votive tablets?

Do you feel like cherry blossom viewing every day? ! Dai Nagoya Building Spring Festival “Sakura Sky Garden 2024”

39on Sunday (Saturday)8Dai Nagoya Building, which is celebrating its anniversary,3Month6From Sunday (Wednesday)8Sakura Anniversary” has started! On the same day, Dai Nagoya Building5F"Sakura Sky Garden" is an annual spring event at Sky Garden.2024' has also started. When you enter the venue, the first thing you will see is the Sakura Arch. The cherry blossom tunnel ``Sakura Namiki'' uses only real cherry blossom trees for its trunk, and the cherry blossom herbarium at its feet further enlivens the mood. If you look up at the sky in the center of the "Sakura Namiki", you will see a hidden cherry blossom heart symbol!

"Sakura Arch", which is right after entering the venue, is the first photo spot. At night, the pink bead balls (illuminations) are lit up, giving you a different atmosphere.

At the foot of the ``Sakura Namiki'' is a cherry blossom herbarium. Also at night, the herbarium is illuminated with lights, creating a fantastical atmosphere where the cherry blossoms appear.

Be sure to look for it among the “Sakura Namiki”. Can you find the “hidden heart mark”?

The very popular "Sakura Wall". Enjoy your own “sakura photos” using photo props

After passing through the row of cherry blossom trees, you will see the ``Sakura Wall'' where the entire wall is covered with cherry blossoms. We also have photo props (photo accessories) that you can use freely, so you can create your own special photo.1A piece. You can take a special "cherry blossom photo" in which the background of the photo is completely filled with cherry blossoms. “Sakura Sky Garden” is a spring-filled space that is filled with cherry blossoms, which Japanese people love and can feel a sense of relaxation just by looking at them.2024” and feel free to enjoy the feeling of cherry blossom viewing. Don't miss the "Night Cherry Blossoms", where the illuminations bring out the pink color of the cherry blossoms.

<Currently, Sakura Wall is not installed. Thank you for your understanding>

It is no exaggeration to say that Sakura Wall is the most popular photo spot. You will be able to take photos completely covered with cherry blossoms, which is difficult to do at regular cherry blossom viewing spots.

Near the Sakura Wall, there are photo props that can be used when taking pictures. Feel free to use and arrange your own “Sakura Photo”.

“Night Cherry Blossoms,” whose pink color stands out vividly at night, are also part of the “Sakura Sky Garden.”2024” highlights. Enjoy the space to your heart's content, where the atmosphere changes completely between day and night.

<Period> ~2024Years4Month23until Sunday (Tuesday)

<Time>11:00~23:00(The lighting is17:00~) * Closed during stormy weather

<Location> Dai Nagoya Building Shops & Restaurants5F sky garden

<Price> Admission free

*Please follow the rules when visiting. "5FRequests to customers taking photos at Sky Garden Click here for more information.

To commemorate the 8th anniversary, [Papa Bublé] will be giving out free limited-time candy "Sakura Mini Mix"!

Dai Nagoya Building8To commemorate the ``Sakura Anniversary'', art candy specialty store [Papa Bublé] will be distributing candy for free. A mini-sized version of "Sakura Mix" filled with lots of pink candy will be distributed for a limited time, so don't miss it and head to Sky Garden! 3Month9Sun (Sat)・10day (day)2Hurry up because it's only available for a limited time and ends as soon as it runs out. Also, on the day of the event, discount coupons that can only be used at [Papa Bublé Meieki store] will be distributed.

Image of "Sakura Mini Mix".

<Period>2024Years3Month9Sun (Sat)・10Sun (Sun) 13:00~16:00 *Ends as soon as supplies run out each day

<Location> Dai Nagoya Building Shops & Restaurants5F sky garden

*Candy distribution is limited to one person.1Limited to bags.

*Distribution of discount coupons is1per group1I will take it as one piece.

Put your wishes into “votive tablets”. A “Sakura Ema” spot has been prepared in the Sky Garden.

"Sakura Sky Garden"2024As an event that will further enliven the event, this year a ``Sakura no Ema'' spot will appear near the entrance to the Sky Garden. Now that we are approaching a new life, a new school year, and a new school year, write your wishes on the votive tablet and tie it. The cute looking ``Sakura Ema'' will make the Sky Garden lively. Furthermore, the ema is4Month23After being on display until Sunday (Tuesday), it will be dedicated to Takamu Shrine in Chikusa Ward, Nagoya City.

Photo,2023Years1This is an image from when it was held in May.

<Period>2024Years3Month6Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month23Sun (Tue)


<Location> Dai Nagoya Building Shops & Restaurants5F sky garden

<Price> Participation is free

*Registration for votive tablets will end as soon as there are no votive tablets left.

“Sakura Saku! Dai Nagoya Building will make your wishes come true campaign” is also being held

Dai Nagoya Building OfficialInstagramThen,8In conjunction with the ``Sakura Anniversary'', we are developing the ``Sakura Saku! Dai Nagoya Building will make your wishes come true campaign''. Dai Nagoya Building OfficialInstagramAmong the people who followed the account and commented on the campaign-specific post with ``your wish come true'',3Dai Nagoya Building will make your wishes come true. Check out the campaign exclusive post now!

<Comment solicitation period>2024Years3Month6Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month23Sun (Tue)

▶ Dai Nagoya Building OfficialInstagramThe account is Click here for more information.

▶Special posts for “Sakura Saku! Campaign where Dai Nagoya Building will make your wishes come true” are Click here for more information.


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