A popular art candy shop in more than 30 cities around the world has landed in Tokai for the first time!



"Papubbure" aims to be "the most interesting candy store in the world".It is a playful shop that makes viewers happy with amazing performances as well as various items based on the tradition and technique of candy crafts.This time, we will approach the charm of "Pububure" while following the manufacturing process of candy sold only in Nagoya!

The candy made while entertaining people with performances is delicious and interesting!

"Pubble" was born on the street corner of Barcelona, ​​Spain.The performance that entertains the viewer is the same in Barcelona and Japan, but the difference from Barcelona is that candy is made in a larger pot.This is because the candy is harder to cool than making it in a small amount, and it is possible to make beautiful complicated patterns.Taking advantage of the manufacturing method and craftsmanship unique to Japan, which specializes in detailed work, the Dai Nagoya Building limited menu was born.

approx 15It is unique to Japan to heat candy of kg at a time.Liquid candy in a large pot (the temperature at this time is about160℃! ) Starts making candy by moving it to a work table to cool it.

First of all, from the coloring of the candy to make the pattern.1m×1mMix the dye and flavor with the candy poured into a mold of about the size,2I will make colored candy.At this time, the temperature of the candy is about100℃.If the temperature of the candy drops too low, it will be difficult to mold, so the work will be quick.

When the dye and flavor are familiar to the candy to some extent, cut it by color.It is a mysterious sight to cut the candy that becomes squishy with scissors.

Lift the candy and repeat dripping to blend the dye.100The heat is close to ℃, but all are done by hand in order to capture the feel of the candy.

Performance that suddenly starts in the middle of work.Pull up the candy as thin as a thread ...

When you let go of your hand, the candy will fly in the air like glitter and stardust.

In addition to the eye-catching performance, the charm of "Papubbure" candy is that the craftsmen make it from the beginning to the end.When each flavor is created, the final finish is to hook the candy on a huge hook on the wall, roll it up, hook it up again, and stretch it.By doing this, when you chew well, you will get a crispy texture.

The work of a craftsman pulling a candy.It looks light5~6kgIt's heavy and hard work!By stretching the candy with a force that cannot be applied to a machine, glossy candy parts are completed.

The completed brown part is Ogura taste and put in the character part, and the white part is put around to create the character.As time goes by, the candy becomes harder and harder to mold, so work quickly on a warm table.

The characters created in this way are "Dera delicious Gaya"!At the end, assemble the letters in order, the diameter25cmI will put it together in a cylinder.

Stretch it by hand while checking if the letters can be expressed, and the diameter is about25cmFrom about1cmSlowly stretch it by hand.

1cmThe candy stretched out1mCut it into small pieces and let it cool while rolling.When it gets hard1cmIt is completed by cutting it into small pieces!This carving work is also one of the highlights that is done at high speed.

Such a big candy lump becomes a candy like a bean grain!The time required up to this point is about1time.There was a crowd in front of the kitchen before I knew it.

Performance of "Pubble" where people call people.When it is completed, applause will occur, and the surplus pieces will be shaped like birds and presented to children.It may be the secret that the candy of "Pububbure" is delicious because it is made in a friendly and happy mood from beginning to end.The "Dera Delicious Gaya" candy made in this way is4Month28It will be on sale from Sunday (Wednesday), so be sure to check it out!

Dai Nagoya Building limited items are perfect for Nagoya souvenirs!

"Pubble" has different items for each shop.At the Dai Nagoya Building store, "Nagoya Mixed Candy" is a set of Nagoya-like flavors, including the Ogura flavor with the characters "Dera Umai Gaya" mentioned above, and "Chicken wings" that are sweet and spicy like real chicken wings. Limited sale of "Pepper Candy". The point is that "Nagoya Mixed Candy" contains golden butter scotch that you can enjoy the taste change.You can enjoy Ogura flavor as Ogura butter and coffee flavored candy as butter coffee by licking each flavor together.The playful candy seems to play an active role as a stylish Nagoya souvenir.

"Nagoya mixed candy" where you can enjoy a wide variety of flavors640"Chicken candy" (circle) and "Chicken candy" that looks and flavors like the real thing660Circle).

The Dai Nagoya Building store, which will open this time, is scheduled to carry out a live broadcast where you can see the performances of other shops for the first time in the world.In addition to the main store in Nakano, Tokyo and the Daimaru store in Tokyo, there are plans to connect with the authentic Barcelona shop!There are also plans to try to enjoy conversations with craftsmen, so be sure to experience the performance that makes you feel happy, which is unique to "Papubbure" at the store.

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