For snacks and souvenirs.The reason why the round and cute "OHAGI ​​3" is supported



It may be sold out in the morning at the earliest ...!? The specialty store "OHAGI3" from Nagoya, which is loved by the local people regardless of the season, opens in "Dai Nagoya Marche".Introducing the charm of "OHAGI3", which is loved by men and women of all ages.

A colorful and cute "additive-free ohagi" with a wide variety of Japanese and Western dishes.

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In addition to the five standard types of botamochi, we will develop seasonal botamochi that expresses Japanese scenery using seasonal materials.Ohagi3".The concept of the store is playful, such as "New Moon" covered with pure white coconut powder, "Evening Moon" sprinkled with black sesame seeds, and "Full moon" wrapped with white rice and sprinkled with soybean flour. It embodies "the traditional Japanese sweets revoting that has been popular in Japan for a long time.""Additive-free Ohagi", which is loved by men and women of all ages, is particular about each material.

All ingredients are additive-free.It's kind to the body, so I want to eat it every day.

"Ohagi3The most important thing is that all the ingredients are domestically produced, safe and additive-free.The sugar that is important when making bean paste is "Kimira," which is made by naturally crystallizing sugar cane grown in the Amami Islands, Kagoshima Prefecture, using a unique manufacturing method that leaves natural minerals.It features a natural richness and aroma, and high nutritional value rich in natural minerals.In addition, we are particular about each ingredient, such as unbleached and additive-free organic coconut and Kyoto kinako with an elegant taste.

The left front is sugar cane100% Sugar "Kimira".Kyoto kinako, peanuts, coconut, and black sesame are all carefully selected.

The base rice is2Use different types.There are also interesting gimmicks that you can understand only after eating.

"Full moon" where brown sugar walnuts are hidden, "Akatsuki" which boasts a low-sweetness homemade bean paste cooked with raw sugar, altitude350m ~600There is also an interesting menu with a taste mechanism that you can not understand at first glance, such as "Suigetsu" using organic Kawane matcha from m Tenku Tea Garden.Every ohagi is full of intriguing charm, "I want to try it once!"

The left is white rice used for "new moon" and "full moon", and the right is millet rice used for "Akatsuki", "evening moon" and "midori".Both have a chewy texture that makes you feel the grains of rice when you chew.

A unique package that makes you want to make a souvenir.

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Boxes with high design, such as packages that make chopsticks look like Okamochi, are perfect as souvenirs.In both cases, the container fee is included in the price, so6Even the staff instinctively muttered, "It's a good deal (laughs)".I'm glad I got it, I'm glad I gave itOhagi3Why don't you try eating "Ohagi" with your loved ones?

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