Seijo Ishii Can only be made "in"!5 popular original brands "desica" [baked confectionery]



"Seijo Ishii" is based on the concept of "food from all over the world at prices on the streets of the world."The original brand "desica" is gaining deep-rooted popularity among the lineup of carefully selected gems from all over Japan and overseas.This time, we will introduce the 5 most popular baked sweets that we recommend when you want to take a break.

Arranged traditional Spanish sweets with Japanese ingredients "Wasanbon Porbolone"

120g"Wasanbon Porbolone" with486Circle).

"" Using plenty of high-quality materialsdesicaPorbolone is one of the most popular baked sweets.The most orthodox of these is this "Wasanbon Porbolone".A crispy, light and rich flavor with butter mixed to the last minute that can be molded into French wheat flour, and sweetened with the gentle sweetness of Wasanbon and acacia pure honey with an elegant and refreshing aftertaste. It is a dish that you can enjoy. It is popular among baked confectioneries because it is a self-confident work created by a craftsman who handles popular desserts at "Seijo Ishii" with a special recipe.No.1!!Other Porbolone100gWhile it is in120gIt may be one of the reasons why it is supported because it contains a little more.

A cookie with a crispy and light texture, the aroma of wheat, the gentle sweetness of Wasanbon, and the rich butter.It looks rugged and has a delicacy that crumbles in the mouth.

"Uji Matcha Porbolone" with a rich and bittersweet matcha flavor

100g"Uji Matcha Porbolone" with486Circle).

Similar to "Wasanbon Porbolone", the base is a dough that is made by blending butter to the last minute that can be molded into French wheat flour and combining pure acacia honey.By adding Uji matcha from Kyoto to it, you can enjoy the rich aroma and bitterness of matcha for an adult taste.When you chew a bite, it becomes crispy, and when it crumbles, the bitterness of matcha sprinkled on the surface spreads throughout your mouth.

The rich and rich butter flavor matches the bittersweetness of matcha.Since the dough also contains matcha, it is an unbearable dish for matcha lovers who can feel the taste of matcha more straight than it looks.

This spring's new work "White chocolate and strawberry porbolone" that feels juicy

90g"White chocolate and strawberry porbolone" (486Circle).

The long-awaited strawberry flavor is now available in the popular Porbolone only in the spring!In addition to French flour and pure acacia honey, it is a spring-like dish that uses strawberry powder containing Tochiotome juice.As mentioned above2Each grain is smaller than the product, and the surface is coated with white chocolate mixed with strawberry powder, so the chewy texture is firm.The round and colony form is cute, and you can fully feel the sweet and sour and refreshing sweetness of strawberries.

The coating is solid, so it's juicy that you can't think of as a baked confectionery.It seems to go well with not only black tea but also mellow alcohol.

Crispy and moist exquisite texture "Almond Florentine"

7"Almond Florentine" with pieces (422Circle).

"Almond Florentine" is baked with caramel-coated sliced ​​almonds on a crunchy biscuit dough.Using French flour, organic coconut sugar and pure acacia honey, the surface is crispy and the inside is slightly moist.A baked confectionery that spreads the bittersweet sweetness of caramel and the rich sweetness of coconut sugar in your mouth.It's bite-sized and individually wrapped, so it's recommended to share it with your friends.

"Organic fig and organic apricot macrobiotic cookies" that are particular about the ingredients

90g"Organic fig and organic apricot macrobiotic cookie" (486Circle).

For breakfast or when you're hungry, we recommend the "organic fig and organic apricot macrobiotic cookies," which are baked with dried fruits using macrobiotic ingredients such as whole grains and organic ingredients.It is a cookie that you can enjoy the natural sweetness of acacia pure honey and organic coconut sugar, and the texture of dried figs and dried apricots.It does not use margarine, animal ingredients, or white sugar, so it is ideal for health conscious people.It is chewy and needs to be chewed sufficiently, so you can feel the taste of the material firmly.

"Seijo Ishii", which is born from carefully selected ingredients by "Seijo Ishii", which has its own import route, and recipes that are packed with craftsmen's commitment.desica"A lot.In addition to baked goods, we are developing various items such as desserts, retorts, and grocery stores, so we will continue to introduce popular items in the future.

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