I want to give it to my friends!"Cumutart" that is delicious to the eyes



"Kum Tart", which is elegant and slightly sweet, and you can enjoy the taste of adults, is a shop that boasts tart that is carefully made one by one.An exciting tart just by looking at it is perfect for rewarding yourself, giving a gift to a friend, or giving a home party.Introducing the commitment of such tart.

It's delicious because it takes time and effort to make it!Handmade tart that feels warmth

"Cumu tart" where you can enjoy each world view by stuffing cream, mousse and fruits in a small tart dough.I think that all of them have the same base but only the contents are changed, and there are various ways to make the base tart depending on the material to be put inside.For example, "Orange & Pistachio" baked with dough containing pistachio paste (475(Yen) is a type in which the material is put into the tart dough before baking and it is burned at the same time as the tart.Elegant taste "milk tea mousse" (475For the circle), cool the tart dough that was baked first, apply white chocolate to the inside, and then inject the mousse."Berry mousse" with a rich taste using raspberries and liqueurs475The circle) is a dish in which strawberry chocolate is applied to the inside of the baked tart and then berry mousse is poured.

In this way, by making vessels (tarts) that make the best use of the individuality of each material, a handmade "cum tart" that feels particular about it is born.

The tart dough is molded into a mold and the excess parts are carefully molded one by one.After the tart stones are placed and the dough is baked, the fruit and mousse tart is coated with chocolate inside, and the "baked cheese" is coated with egg liquid to make a base.Fermented butter is used for the dough.

Baked type tart is fired at the same time as the outer tart dough.

Finishing the tart that is the base of "milk tea mousse".After applying white chocolate and letting it dry, trim the edges of the tart to shape it so that it looks beautiful from any angle.

The gentle flavored mousse to be added to "milk tea mousse" is made by adding fresh cream to royal milk tea and gently mixing it to give it a soft and light texture.

"Milk Tea Mousse" is made by coating the inside of the air-baked tart dough with white chocolate, so that the moisture of the mousse does not stain the tart and you can enjoy a crispy texture.

Clockwise from the front, "Berry mousse," "Baked cheese," "Caramel," "Milk tea mousse," "Orange pistachio," and "Dark matcha."A vanity case that is perfect as a souvenir (6For individual120Yen) is also available.

The fruit-filled order tartInstagramcheck!

4~7One of the popular menus is the order tart that is supported by the issue. Of "Cum Tart"InstagramThere are photos of various whole tarts posted on, so please take a look at them and make a request.A gorgeous cake made with plenty of seasonal fruits will make your day of celebrations more gorgeous.

All fruits are cut just before topping.You can feel the deliciousness and strength of fresh fruits.

An order tart with different fruits depending on the season.The photo is "Strawberry and Grapefruit Tart" (No. 5) 5,000Circle).

It's not just "instagram", but "cum tart" that values ​​each and every one that can be convinced by an adult woman with discerning eyes and tongue. Our motto is "Deliver what you make by hand through people's hands", so please try it as a gift for your loved ones or as a reward for yourself who is working hard. ..

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