A Sweets & Drink Specialty Store that Disseminates the Possibilities of Matcha in Nagoya [Saijoen Matcha Cafe]



Founded in 1888, the long-established tea store "Aiya" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, produces a specialty store for matcha drinks and sweets.A variety of Japanese-Western sweets that make you feel the infinite possibilities of matcha while you are in Nagoya are full of unique menus that bring out the tradition and innovation unique to "Aiya".Of course, we also have a limited menu for the Dai Nagoya Building store.Introducing the profound world of matcha that heals the busy business people who come and go around Nagoya Station.

The drink menu is powered up!For a lineup unique to here

Following the matcha cafe in Sasashima, the main store in Nishio City,3The first store is "Saijoen Matcha Cafe," which opens as a take-out specialty store.The feature of the Dai Nagoya Building store is that it is a location where busy business people come and go, and we are strengthening the drink menu where you can easily relax.For example, until now, the only topping espuma was fresh cream, but at the Dai Nagoya Building store, we use abundant matcha in addition to smoothies so that we can fully enjoy matcha.

In addition, since the type of matcha used for the smoothie part and the type of matcha used for the espuma part are used properly, you can enjoy the depth of taste with double matcha.You can enjoy the change in taste by gradually dissolving the espuma in a smoothie that mixes the gentle taste of milk.

"Dark matcha cream smoothie" (540 yen).You can enjoy a full-fledged taste that sets it apart from ordinary matcha drinks, which have a strong sweetness.

For the glossy and plump espuma, we use high-quality matcha, which is characterized by its strong taste.It is delicious even if you eat it by itself without mixing it with a smoothie.

This time, the Dai Nagoya Building store introduced a full-scale coffee machine that was not available at existing stores for the first time.Every time an order is placed, coffee beans are ground to extract espresso and combined with steamed matcha milk.This is a new menu that was conceived together with a coffee shop, focusing on the combination of matcha that does not interfere with the graceful taste of espresso and espresso that does not impair the bitterness and flavor of matcha.

"Matcha Cafe Latte" limited to the Dai Nagoya Building store (540Circle).This is a new product made from bittersweet matcha and mixed with espresso.

Espresso that grinds beans after receiving an order and extracts them with a coffee machine of "La Chimbali".

Once you know the authentic taste of using matcha for each menu, it's a good idea!

The best combination of matcha, which is highly regarded for its deep taste, rich aroma, and bright green, is arranged for drinks and sweets.

2009"Nishio Matcha" was certified as a regional brand of the Japan Patent Office in XNUMX. At "Saijoen Matcha Cafe", it is made by a contract farmer7We use different types of matcha and develop drinks and sweets.With its warm climate, abundant water resources of the Yahagi River, and fertile soil, this is a unique shop where you can easily enjoy the delicious taste of matcha from Nishio City, where high-quality tea leaves grow.

Nishio Matcha is made from tea leaves that are slowly grown in the slight sunlight, covered with a special cover called cheesecloth so that the umami component does not change to the astringent component.

A tea expert called a tea master conducts a sensory examination that makes full use of the five senses and purchases high-quality tea leaves.

"It's not enough to use high-quality matcha for all menus, but when you want to add bitterness or fragrance, use the right matcha for each, and repeat tasting and tasting without distinguishing between employees and staff. "We have a good balance," says Sumiyoshi, who develops products.You can enjoy authentic drinks and sweets that are not too sweet, which is unique to a long-established tea shop that has been through trial and error using carefully selected matcha.

Strengthen the lineup of take-out sweets that can also be used as gifts

A shopper with a brand logo that resembles a millstone that grinds matcha.

As it is directly connected to Nagoya Station, you can find souvenirs and rewards for yourself, which is another feature of the Dai Nagoya Building store."Matcha Basque Cheese Cake," which went on sale last year and became a popular product, was only available in the hall until now, but it was the first time at the Dai Nagoya Building store.1We will start selling pieces.

"Matcha Basque Cheese Cake" (Hall1,960Circle,1piece400Circle).

"Matcha Basque Cheese Cake" was actually commercialized at the request of Mr. Matsufune, the manager of the Dai Nagoya Building store.The savory charcoal, the acidity of cheese, and the light texture of the cookie dough mix in your mouth, making it a dish that you will want to recommend to those who are not good at sweets.This product was created in pursuit of a combination of matcha that feels more delicious than bitterness, and the original aroma of matcha is alive.

The base is a bittersweet cocoa-flavored cookie dough.The light texture enhances the loose matcha and cheese.

Sweets include "Matcha Basque Cheese Cake" and "Matcha Sakusaku Shoe" (390Yen) and "Matcha Gateau Chocolate" (Hall)2,160Circle,1piece450Yen), "Matcha Baumkuchen" (1,404 Yen), etc. will be on sale.Also, about the matcha used in "Dark Matcha Soft Cream" as an open commemorative menu8We also sell "Premium Matcha Soft (Hana no Mine)" (850 yen), which uses the finest matcha "Hana no Mine", which boasts double the price.This is a luxurious item for a limited time, so if you are interested, check it out early.

2021Years4Month28Sunday (Wednesday) -May31"Premium Matcha Soft (Hana no Mine)" (850 yen), which will be sold exclusively on Sunday (Monday).

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