What is “An Butter”, which spreads Nagoya culture with the special bread of [Yoikoto Bread]?



This is the first collaboration between Yoikoto Pan, a bread specialty store run by a 75-year-old flour milling company, and Kazoku no Crouton, a rare crouton store in the world.This time, it's popular for breakfast, lunch, and snacks!We will approach the charm of "an butter" that transmits Nagoya culture.

A fascinating golden pair like Nagoya!"An butter toast" loved by men and women of all ages

"Good thick-sliced ​​bean paste toast" (396Circle).

"Yoikotopan" is a unique blend of multiple Hokkaido flours with different characteristics, and when baked as toast, the surface is brown and the inside is chewy.1jin590"Good thick-sliced ​​bean paste toast" using yen).It is a dish with plenty of additive-free bean paste "Yoi-Tsubuan" made by carefully kneading azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, and Calpis butter on top.At first glance, you just put bean paste and butter on ordinary bread ...?However, I am very particular about "Yoikotopan".No eggs, milk, sugar or shortening is used so that children and seniors can eat with peace of mind.The sweetness is due to the book mirin "Kuju Sakura" made from domestically produced glutinous rice, rice jiuqu, and rice shochu.Instead of shortening, use "Maruhon Taishiro Sesame Oil", which is made by pressing raw sesame seeds, and cholesterol.0Is realized. "Good thick-sliced ​​bean paste toast" is a Nagoya specialty that considers daily health based on "good thing bread" that incorporates safe ingredients and local and Aichi seasonings as well as appearance.

The surface is crispy, but the inside is soft and firm.By blending cooked brown rice, natural sweetness and fragrance are added and the feeling of chewyness is improved.The bubble wrap texture is fun and hungry.

"Yoimaru butter sand" using "Yoimaru bread" with a cute shape380Circle).This is a bite size that is easy to eat.

Like "Yoikotopan", "Yoikotopan" is baked with brown rice (5Pieces included470Circle).

Also pay attention to this!New croutons commemorating the opening of the Dai Nagoya Building store

[Kazoku no Crouton], which collaborated with [Yoi Koto Pan], is a crouton specialty store that is rare in the world.Unlike the previously mentioned [Yoikoto Bread], there are products that are made into croutons after baking different breads for each flavor.This time, the new release is5"Herbs" using various kinds of herbs and garlic&"Garlic", "Hot chili" which is made by adding spice mix to tomato-based bread and kneading cheese as a secret ingredient, and "Honey mustard" which is made by adding French mustard and a small amount of honey to onion-based bread.3type.All of them are made by the non-fried method and are perfect croutons for snacks and snacks.

Herbs & garlic, hot chili, honey mustard3New release of types.Normal3Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1,740Limited to the yen100Set only open commemorative price1,080Sold in yen.

Croutons have different textures as well as taste.Lighter than normal croutons, the inside is slightly moist.Like a new sensation snack that changes the concept of croutons.

An open commemorative gift campaign that will make your heart dance with a cute design

To commemorate the opening of the Dai Nagoya Building store, the first one is4Month28Sunday (Wednesday) ~5Month4Bread until Sunday (Tuesday / holiday)1For those who purchase more than a loaf, each day50Coffee drip bag for people1A bag.The second is5Month5Sun (Wednesday / holiday) ~5Month11Until Sunday (Tuesday), the same bread1For those who purchase more than a loaf, each day30Original sticky notes for people1Individual gifts!Please take this opportunity to taste the special bread of "Yoikotopan".

An original blended coffee drip bag made with "Golpy Coffee" to taste the bread and an original sticky note with a cute design.

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