Fruits of "Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten" purchased directly at the market



Since the main store opened in Kakuoyama in the fall of 2019, it has grown to 2 stores in less than two years, and is now the hottest fruit Daifuku specialty store.The reason for its popularity is that in addition to its gorgeous appearance, it is packed with uncompromising commitment to material selection.This time, we interviewed the fruit purchasing site.

Buy directly in the market to express delicious and new impressions with Daifuku

In addition to Nagoya city, "Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten" is available nationwide in Kanto, Kansai, Chugoku / Shikoku, and Kyushu.Fruits, which are the key to the taste, are procured from the local market where each shop is located.Fruits used at the Dai Nagoya Building store and shops in Nagoya city are from "Nagoya City Central Wholesale Market Home" in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya City.When it was just opened, it was procured from a greengrocer, but in pursuit of better quality fruits, he acquired the right to buy and went to the market every morning to buy it.Not only the fruits of the most delicious season, but also rare fruits made in small farms that cannot be bought at supermarkets are taught through direct communication.

Professional staff with connoisseurs are in charge of purchasing.While listening to various stories at the market, I decide which fruit to buy.

White strawberry "white jewel" made only at Teshima Farm in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture.The flesh is soft and has a slight sweetness. "White jewel" (small680Yen, medium1,000Yen, large1,500Yen, excellent2,000Circle).

On this day, I tasted Kiyomi Tangor.Fruit Daifuku goes well with sour fruits, so we use various oranges such as Setoka, Satsuma mandarin, and Hassaku depending on the season. "Setoka" (800Circle).

This year, mangoes from Miyazaki prefecture arrived earlier than usual.When you chew a bite, it has a melting texture and a gorgeous scent. "mango"(660Circle).

"Kanjuku" cultivated at Farm Toyohiro in Shinshiro City, Aichi Prefecture1grain2,000High-class strawberries that can be priced in yen. In "Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten"1Individual1,500Sold in yen. "Cold ripeness" (1,500Circle).


Fruit Daifuku where you can enjoy "moe cut" where you can easily meet seasonal fruits

Fruit Daifuku of "Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten" is made by carefully wrapping carefully selected ingredients including rare fruits with fertilizer.Not only the gorgeous appearance, but also the fact that you can easily taste these selected fruits from one is the reason why they are gaining popularity.In addition to the usual paper boxes for take-out, there are also ice packs and paulownia boxes for gifts, so it is sure to come in handy as a special souvenir.It often sells out in the evening, so why not check it out early and use it as a souvenir for your loved ones and business partners?

Fruit Daifuku that is hand-wrapped according to the shape of the fruit. It also comes with a thread for cutting that is unique to the "Original Mochi Cutting Thread Shop", so you can take "moe-cut" photos that are sure to look good on Instagram.

It is made with a focus on the golden ratio of white bean paste and fertilizer that enhances the original taste of the fruit.When you cut it, you can see the thinness of white bean paste and fertilizer.

Prepare a paulownia box that you want to give to a special person.Front /1Individual gift paulownia box (600Yen), back /4Individual gift paulownia box (800Circle).

The size that fits in the palm of your hand is cute1Individual gift paulownia box.Make a special choice, such as the aforementioned "Kanjuku".

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