A dessert unique to "La Maison" who travels all over the country in search of "delicious"



"La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie" has an impressive glittering showcase with seasonal fruits and desserts that are particular about cream.Introducing the charm of patisserie that creates sweets that make the celebration more gorgeous.

Dessert with seasonal fruits from all over the country and local ingredients

The patisserie format is Tokai's first "La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie".In the showcase, cup desserts and tarts filled with seasonal fruits shine brilliantly.The biggest feature of this store is1The main ingredients are changed every month so that you can feel the seasons throughout the menu.In addition, they visit the production areas directly and communicate with the producers to maximize the deliciousness of these fruits.This year's3In the moon, Fukuoka's Amaou is the main character, and we pick up Fukuoka ingredients such as Yame Matcha, which has a rich and sweet taste, and Shiranui, which has a strong sweetness and is full of fruit juice.In the coming season, strawberries "Red Hoppe" and melons,7The popular white peach is scheduled to appear every month.

"Amaou Millefeuille Parfait" (Amaou Millefeuille Parfait) that you can enjoy different textures as you eat by layering layers such as Amaou, crispy pie, whipped cream, strawberry pudding, and pie crunch chocolate.820Circle).

Strawberries, ganache, pavé chocolate and brownies are on top of the crunchy pie.The sweetness of the melty chocolate enhances the sweetness and sourness of the strawberries. "Strawberry and raw chocolate tart" (1Piece 870 yen).

Squeeze custard cream and whipped cream on almond dough, and use seasonal fruits as the main characters.7A classic popular dish with a variety of dishes. "Seasonal fruit tart-strawberry-" (1piece690Circle).

In addition, the tart dough, sponge, and cream that form the basis of each cake are all changed according to the fruit.For example3"Angel's Strawberry and Amaou's Milk Cream Tart" sold in the month (1For a piece of 1,060 yen, you can combine whipped cream with condensed milk for a gentle taste, or "Amaou and Shiranuhi Caramel Tea Tart" (Amaou and Shiranuhi Caramel Tea Tart).1(Piece 850 yen), you can use cream mixed with Earl Gray syrup to make cake and tea taste like enjoying at once, and the variety is endless!The point where you can taste each fruit more deliciously is hidden.

Chocolate chips are hidden in the whipped cream mixed with condensed milk, giving an accent to the texture.You can enjoy the spread of taste by layering various creams.

We are proud of the freshness that is particular about handmade at the store!

What is indispensable for "La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie" is that even the smallest shops have a kitchen.We always offer freshly made tarts because we want to serve fresh desserts whenever we visit.

In addition to whole cakes, cup desserts and tarts, seasonal gift items such as baked goods are also available.

Dessert made in the kitchen behind the showcase.Photo3Monthly limited "Angel's Strawberry and Amaou Milk Cream Tart" (Hall 4,490 yen).

"La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie" where you can meet seasonal fruits every month.The official website also shows how we visited production areas nationwide, so be sure to check it out as well.

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