Souvenirs you should buy at Nagoya Station. [Tsubameya] Melting Warabi Mochi "Golden Warabi"



“Kogane Warabi,” which boasts the unwavering popularity of [Tsubameya], is the only warabi mochi in Japan that can only be purchased here.How is the meltingly soft texture created?It is closely related to "Golden Warabi", which is an unforgettable souvenir from Nagoya.

The dough that arrives from the Yanagase main store every morning is made into "golden bracken" one by one at the store.

[Tsubameya] has its main store in the Yanagase shopping district, which retains the atmosphere of the Showa period, in front of Gifu Station.Every morning, the bracken-starch dumpling dough made here is delivered to the Dai-Nagoya Building, where the “golden warabi” is made by hand one by one just before the store opens.The “Tsubame Warabi” sold at the Yanagase main store has a different dough and soybean flour, and the “Golden Warabi” is soft and has just the right amount of elasticity, and contains pure brown sugar.For the soybean flour, Hokkaido soybeans “Toyomasari” are roasted more lightly than the soybean flour used for “Tsubame Warabi”, giving it a truly “golden” color.It is an elegant warabi-mochi with a rich aroma of soybean flour that goes well with the warabi-mochi that melts in your mouth.

"Golden bracken" fabric made at the Yanagase main store.Using pure brown sugar, it is finished in a shorter kneading time than "Swallow bracken".

The Dai Nagoya Building store opens every morning2Start preparation from time ago.2People will share the work and finish it quickly.

It seems that the warabi mochi delivered from the main store is cut by hand one by one.We will mold it quickly with as little time as possible to touch.

Cut the dough into the next bowl with plenty of soybean flour.Another staff member puts the soybean flour together and quickly packs it in a box.

The dough of the warabi mochi packed in the box is soft and sticks to each other, so add more soybean flour to prepare it.

Boxing is completed before the store opens.It is a very popular item that may be sold out in the evening.

"Golden bracken" is made with low sweetness in both soybean flour and rice cake, so you can feel the original sweetness of soybeans, the scent of flour, and the faint aftertaste of pure brown sugar.Also, since plenty of soybean flour remains after eating, it is recommended to enjoy a ready-to-use soybean flour arrangement dish such as pancakes, cookies, or drinks that can be made simply by combining with soy milk or milk. It goes without saying that "Golden bracken" is best eaten immediately because of its features, but the expiration date is set.2Within days.Due to its unique location at Meieki, many people give it to other prefectures as a souvenir of Nagoya.

"Golden bracken" buried in plenty of soybean flour (10Cut999Circle).Other Japanese sweets are also tailored to have a gentle taste and a strong taste that makes the best use of the deliciousness of the ingredients.

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