Souvenirs you should buy at Nagoya Station. [Tsubameya] Melting Warabi Mochi "Kogane Warabi"



[Tsubameya] continues to make Japanese sweets that can be used for a long time with carefully selected ingredients and uncompromising manufacturing methods.The well-known specialty that can only be obtained at the Dai-Nagoya Building store is “Kogane Warabi”.Warabi mochi hidden like a treasure in the “golden” soybean flour that fills the box.We would like to introduce you to “Golden Warabi,” which has a reputation for being so soft that it melts in your mouth and is very popular as a souvenir.

The bracken-starch dumpling dough delivered every morning from the Yanagase head office is finished into “golden warabi” at the store.

[Tsubameya] has its main store in Yanagase, Gifu City.The bracken-starch dumplings made there are delivered to the Dai Nagoya Building every morning, where they are carefully hand-crafted one by one into golden warabi just before the store opens.Unlike the “Tsubame Warabi” sold at the main store, the dough and soybean flour are different, and the “Golden Warabi” is made with pure brown sugar, which is soft and has just the right amount of elasticity.Soybean flour is lightly roasted Hokkaido soybeans "Toyomasari".The yellow color compared to the soybean flour at the main store is because it is lightly roasted.The texture and aroma of this bracken-starch dumpling are elegant and mature.

"Golden Warabi" fabric made at Yanagase Main Store.Using pure brown sugar, the kneading time is shorter than the main store's "Tsubame Warabi".

At the Dai Nagoya Building store,2Start preparation from time ago.2The work is shared among people and the "golden warabi" is completed quickly.

The key to cutting the bracken-starch dumplings by hand is to minimize the amount of time you touch the dough.

Immediately put the cut dough into the next bowl containing soybean flour.After being covered with soybean flour, it is carefully packed in a box.

Warabi mochi packed in a box is soft and sticks easily, so we adjust the inside of the box by adding soybean flour.

Boxing is complete before the store opens.It is a very popular item that sometimes sells out before the store closes.

Even if the expiration date is two days, taste it as soon as possible.Leftover soybean flour to the end

[Tsubameya]'s sweets are all lightly sweetened with the intention of bringing out the flavor of the ingredients. "Golden Warabi" is made with mildly sweet warabi mochi and soybean flour, so you can enjoy the original sweetness and aroma of soybeans and the lingering sweetness of pure brown sugar. can.Also, there is always soybean flour left after you finish eating, so you can use that for another menu and enjoy it until the end.Soybean flour can be used unexpectedly, such as in pancakes and cookie dough, and in drink menus that can be combined with soy milk or milk (Tsubameya's recipe for using soybean flour is Click here for more information.). "Golden Warabi" has a shelf life of2within days.However, it is best to eat it as soon as possible because it has a different texture and aroma.Due to the location of Nagoya Station, some people stop by before leaving Nagoya Station to other prefectures and choose "Golden Warabi" as a "Nagoya souvenir".Warabimochi, which is a hot topic in Nagoya, accompanies your time with your loved ones.

"Golden bracken" buried in plenty of soybean flour (10Cut1,393circle).Other Japanese confectionery also has a gentle taste that makes the most of the deliciousness of the ingredients, and a taste that makes you feel the strength of the ingredients.

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