I want to enjoy it with my gourmet father.Father's Day Gift [Gourmet Edition]



This year's Father's Day is Sunday, June 6th.If you're wondering what to give, why not try a classic gourmet meal?We have collected items recommended for gourmet fathers, such as take-out gourmet where you can enjoy a little luxury, sake that is perfect for evening drinks, and Father's Day limited menu that you want to enjoy together.

Red wine "Clarendre Rouge" that you can feel the profoundness and elegance

Bordeaux, France "Clarendre Rouge" 750ml 3,300Yen (gift box is 275 yen)

An elegant Bordeaux wine with a distinctive mellow fruit and smooth tannins (astringency).It goes well with lean meat dishes such as roast beef and duck meat, as well as charcuterie and cheese, so you should be able to drink it deliciously as a sake during meals or as a wine to enjoy slowly after meals.Have fun together and spend some time expressing your gratitude.

A special sake limited to "Seijo Ishii" that you want to drink crisply on a hot early summer day

"Masumi Junmai Ginjo Nosei"720ml 1,705Yen, "Dewazakura Special Junmai Yoito"720ml 1,705Yen

Seijo Ishii's original "Masumi", which is a blend of Junmai Ginjo and the treasured Daiginjo, is a sake from "Miyasaka Brewing" in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture, with a gorgeous aroma and sharp acidity that tightens the mellow taste.On the other hand, "Dewazakura" is made in Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture, and is also sold exclusively at "Seijo Ishii".It is a light and dry sake that you can enjoy the taste of rice and a mellow throat, and is made with the aim of being the "ultimate in-meal sake."Give it as an evening drink to help your father get tired.

Recommended crouton set combined with Father's Day special package

"Father's Day Recommended Assortment"2Pieces included1,253Circle,3Pieces included1,880Yen

"Kazoku's croutons" are sweets made with special bread with all your heart.Recommended as a gift for Father's Day3Kind,2Or3I prepared it as a set.The flavors are "herb & garlic" with rich herb fragrance, "honey mustard" using French grain mustard, and "hot chili" with umami and spiciness.It can be eaten deliciously as a snack or as a snack.

Father's Day limited cake with fresh white peach and sweet and sour strawberries

"White peach shortcake"1Hall (diameter15cm3,800Yen

A fluffy sponge cake was layered with low-sweetness whipped cream and sweet and sour strawberries.A shortcake decorated with fresh white peaches full of juice and cookies that imitate beards and hats.6Month18Sunday (Friday) ~6Month20Limited sale on Sunday (Sunday) (reservations are being accepted).

"Bow tie" and "beard" lollipop candy that makes you feel sweet and happy

"Bow tie lollipop candy", "beard lollipop candy" each660Yen

"Bow tie lollipop candy" has soda, lemon and strawberry flavors from the left3The type, "beard lollipop candy," has cola and yogurt flavors.2Expand types.All of them are cute candy that my dad doesn't buy by himself, so feel free to give them as gifts.If you take pictures and enjoy yourself, you will be able to communicate differently than usual.All are limited sale until June 6th (Sun).

Fashionable mixed candy packed with motifs that dad likes

"Father's Day mixed candy" bag640Circle,Sbottle880Circle,Mbottle2,530Yen

A golf and beer motif that my dad loves, "I DADA stylish mixed candy packed with candy with the letters ". The tie pattern is soda-flavored.I DADYou can enjoy a variety of flavors such as cola flavor, golf pattern plum flavor, beer pattern energy drink flavor, and pillow-shaped candy lemon flavor. Limited sale until June 6th (Sun).

Father's Day limited "1 sets" to enjoy a light cup and snacks on the way home from work

"88(Daddy) set "880Yen

draft beer1A cup and crispy fried chicken4A set of fried potatoes with pepper88(Daddy) set ".It has more volume than it looks, so it is recommended to share it with your father and eat it.6Month1Sun (Tue) ~6Month25This is a limited-time menu on Sunday (Friday). * We may not be able to provide this service due to a request to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections.

"Hitsumabushi" of "jiyaki" baked crispy and fragrant with Bincho charcoal

"Hitsumabushi"3,740Yen (takeout is3,670Circle)

There is no steaming process, and "Hitsumabushi" is characterized by "ground roasting" that is baked over high heat and long heat of Bincho charcoal.A sauce made from Aichi's tamari soy sauce and mirin, which has a rich brewing culture, has a unique aroma and brilliance.The skin is crisp and the body is moist. We carefully select eels that are just right for "roasting" from all over the country and finish them with a luxurious taste.You can also take out, so it is recommended to enjoy it together at home.

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