For homecoming and hospitality.A selection of souvenirs you can buy at Dai Nagoya Marche



At Dai Nagoya Marche, select items that are useful as souvenirs for summer homecoming and small gatherings.All of them are hard to lose shape and easy to carry, so you can carry them around for a long time.All items have been loved by people of all ages.

"Delicious black tea at home" in "annon tea house"

"Delicious tea at home" (each12In a bag1,944Circle).

"Headquarters in Gifu"annon tea house, A gorgeous tea unique to the high-quality Ceylon tea "Mlesna Tea" selected by one of Sri Lanka's leading tea tasters.12Kind of fun giftsBOXFor sale.Yellow is "White Peach Earl Gray" "Glittering Fruit" "Caramel Cream Tea" "Earl Gray Banana" "Vanilla Orange" "Ripe Apple" "Rose and Peach" "Muscat Grape" "Eden Fruit" "Vanilla Melon" "Apple Caramel & Lemon "" Ichijiku Maron ".

Pink is "pure white peach" "pastel-colored tanjo day" "lemon Earl Gray" "blue beadro" "New York orange" "goddess prayer" "honey apple" "matcha caramel" "panettone" "Kyoto Shijo scent" " The contents are different from "Momo Ichigo".You can also enjoy Mlesna tea easily because you can also make "water-drained black tea" that is extracted by immersing it in water in a PET bottle overnight.

All are individually wrapped so they can be stored without sacrificing flavor.

"Swallow Anko Sable" from "Swallow"

SolidBOX"Swallow Anko Sable" (1,188Circle).

"Tsubameya" carries sweets made at the Yanagase main store in Gifu city every morning and offers freshly made deliciousness.In addition to the popular "warabimochi" as a souvenir, the specially cultivated azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, the bean paste "Tsubameya Anko" cooked with crude sugar from Tanegashima, and the "Tsubame Sabure", which is rich in whole grain dinkel wheat flour, go well together. The set born from is also recommended.You can enjoy it in various ways, such as putting anko on a sable, sandwiching it, or eating it separately.

Sable20Contains sheets.Sablé made from domestic dinkel wheat, ground stone milled whole grain flour, Gifu prefecture wheat "Iwainodaichi", Hokkaido sugar beet, and pure domestic rice oil.The fragrant aroma of wheat, the crispy texture, and the flavor that is not too sweet make it unstoppable.

"Nagoya Limited Mix" & "Chicken Wings Lollipop" from "Pubble"

Left / "Nagoya limited mix" (2,530Yen), right / "Chicken wings lollipop" (660Circle). 

If you want to buy souvenirs at the candy shop "Papubbure" in the back alleys of Barcelona, ​​Spain, about the world30You should be pleased with the Nagoya limited candy that is sold only here in the place. "Nagoya Limited Mix" is a set of candy containing Kokura flavor with the characters "Dera delicious Gaya" and golden butterscotch to enjoy the taste change.Another Nagoya-only "Chicken Wings Lollipop" is a unique dish that looks and flavors just like real chicken wings, and both are full of playfulness.For more informationhereAlso check.

"Nagoya Limited Mix" (2,530Circle).In addition to the bottle in the photo, a candy bag (640Yen) is also on sale.

"Nagoya Souvenir Set" of "Good Things Bread / Kazokuno Crout"

"Good thing bread"1The "Nagoya Souvenir Set" (1,870 yen) is a set of bean paste, "Yoi Tsubuan" or "Yoi Koshian", and an original cotton bag.

"Yoikotopan Kazoku no Kurton" sells special bread made by milling professionals by reconsidering the raw materials and manufacturing method, and croutons made by baking special bread.If you want to give Nagoya culture to people in other prefectures, you can use a unique blend of Hokkaido flour with different characteristics, and when you bake it as a toast, the surface will be brown and the inside will be chewy. In addition, how about a special set that combines the additive-free "Yoi-Tsubuan" or "Yoko-An" made by carefully kneading azuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido, and the original cotton bag?You can easily enjoy Ogura toast by making it into butter toast and putting anko on it. "Yoikotopan" does not use eggs, milk, sugar or shortening, so it should be a great gift for people of all ages, from children to seniors.

The original cotton bag is just the size of "Yoikotopan".As it is a type with a solid gusset, it can also be used as a lunch bag to put a lunch box.

"Matcha Langdosha" from "Saijoen Matcha Cafe"

"Matcha Cat Tongue" (14Pieces included1,296Circle).

Matcha langue de chat that luxuriously uses the tea millstone matcha from the long-established store "Aiya" in Nishio Matcha, Aichi Prefecture.The crispy and palatable cookie dough goes well with sanded white chocolate, and since it does not use spices, you can enjoy the original flavor and bitterness of matcha.The cat tongue, which is easily broken as it is, is contained in a solid sliding box, so it will not be stressful to carry.About from the date of manufacture150It is a useful souvenir that you can keep it for a long time and eat it regardless of the season.

You can enjoy the luxurious taste of matcha.

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