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"CHARLIE'S" has the perfect grocery store for people who live a polite life, including "Maruyama Coffee" from Karuizawa.Introducing discerning items such as sweets that go well with coffee and seasonings that are also handled by cooking professionals.

Specialty coffee of "Maruyama Coffee" from Karuizawa

Right / "Drip bag" (5In a bag1,080Yen), Left / "Maruyama Coffee Blend Beans" (100g 730Circle).

"Maruyama Coffee" has become famous nationwide.The representative goes directly to the site and purchases special beans from producers who have built a relationship of trust. The coffee brand has a strong commitment, and the owner, who is not good at coffee, thought that it was delicious, so he started selecting.At the grocery store, you can easily drink drip bags, coffee beans, and powder.3There is a wide selection of coffee types, and you can drink iced coffee, blended coffee, cappuccino, etc. in the cafe space next door.It's rare to be able to drink "Maruyama Coffee" at a cafe in Nagoya. 

"FIND NEWS" sauce made from Oita ingredients

From the right, "Fresh Basil Sauce" (95g 1,080Yen), "Genovese sauce" (95g 1,088Yen), "Petit Petit Mustard Sauce" (100g 1,080Circle). 

The owner said, "It's so delicious that it's incomparable to imported products!"FIND NEWSThe bottled sauce is a product that was originally introduced by a long-established wholesaler in Asakusa, Tokyo. "Fresh basil sauce" is a sauce for tasting basil, which is made with plenty of basil from Oita prefecture cultivated without using pesticides and finished with only olive oil, garlic and salt. "Petit Petit Mustard Sauce" is made by adding apple cider vinegar and honey to the organic mustard that was used as it is, to make it mildly spicy.You can eat it as it is with meat or fish, or add it to mayonnaise or dressing. Like basil sauce, "Genovese sauce" is characterized by its mild taste, which is made by adding cheese and pine nuts to pesticide-free cultivated basil and olive oil from Oita prefecture.You can use it in various ways, such as topping pizza or sandwiches, or putting it in bread dough and baking it.

"Whittaker's" chocolate, which features smooth melting in the mouth without using vegetable oils and fats

"Witter Cars Chocolate" (each758Circle).

Owner1New Zealand chocolate "" is my favorite and I want many people to know how delicious it is.Whittaker's".Since it is made without using the vegetable oils and fats found in ordinary chocolate, it has a pleasant taste and a smooth taste. "CHARLIE'SIn "Almonds, Coconuts, Peppermint, Creamy Milk4A lineup of various flavors.It is the only New Zealand national chocolate that carries out the entire process from the purchase of cacao beans to completion in-house.

"MERCATOPIC COLO" jam that is particular about domestic ingredients

From the right, "Amanatsu Marmalade" and "Strawberry Jam" (each200g 1,080Circle).

Not only the fruits of the main ingredient, but also all the ingredients used such as sugar and honey are domestically produced.MERCA TOPIC COLO"Jam" is perfect for tasting in addition to the recent boom in bread and yogurt.1Goods.The owner recommends marmalade made from blood oranges, sweet summers, kumquats, navel oranges, etc. that arrive from Ehime, Wakayama, and Kyushu.You can enjoy marmalade with different flavors because the citrus fruits used change depending on the season.

"NORTH FARM STOCK" packed with the deliciousness of Hokkaido

From the right, "espresso milk jam" (140g 840Yen), "Lamb Raisin Milk Jam" (140g 840Circle).

From the right, "Mixed Vegetable Pickles" (730Yen), "Hokkaido cheese pickled in oil" (800Circle).

"" which is gaining popularity at the Hokkaido Bussan ExhibitionNORTH FARM STOCK".It is a brand that grows in Hokkaido, where the four seasons are clear, and makes various processed products, focusing on vegetables and fruits where the producer's face can be seen. "CHARLIE'S"Espresso Milk Jam" using roasted beans from Sapporo's long-established roaster, "Lamb Raisin Milk Jam" using mellow ram raisins and Hokkaido milk, and other adult-flavored jams are also appreciated as gifts. We handle "mixed vegetable pickles" and "Hokkaido cheese pickled in oil".The arrival of these products is irregular, and they are popular items that sell from the soba noodles lined up in stores.If you see it, get it.

"Kanazawa Yamagishi Bee Farm"'s unique "Honey of the World" series

From the right, "Canada Blueberries" (130g 868Yen), "Guatemalan coffee" (130g 980Yen), "Mexico orange" (130g 868Circle).

Showa5Among the honeys of "Kanazawa Yamagishi Bee Farm", which was founded in the year and sticks to ripe and raw pure honey, "CHARLIE'SEspecially recommends the "Honey of the World" series.Carefully selected from all over the world, such as "Guatemalan coffee" with an exquisite balance of sourness and bitterness, "Canada blueberry" with a gentle sweetness and fruity aroma, and "Mexico orange" with an impressive strong sweetness. Honey is available.Each has a scent of coffee and fruit from which honey is collected, so you can enjoy eating and comparing them by dipping them in toast or combining them with tea.

You can't stop using it once !? "Chidori vinegar" from "Murayama Zousu", which is a favorite of cooking professionals

"Chidori vinegar" (360ml 540Circle).

Rice vinegar "Chidori vinegar" from Kyoto "Murayama Zousu" made from rice and aged sake lees.The mellow taste and aroma enhance the characteristics of the ingredients, so it is said that cooking professionals such as famous restaurants and sushi restaurants prefer to use it. "The richness is different from other vinegars, and the taste is deep," said the owner.Now that fermented foods are booming, why not review your daily diet from seasonings?

The smooth texture goes beyond the range of bag noodles !? "Fujiwara Noodles" "Crab Sanmai" series

From the right, miso, soy sauce, and savory "crab samadhi" (each)1人 前 198Circle).

Ramen that you can enjoy the soup that the taste and flavor of the crab is the decisive factor by adding the crab soup stock stewed in the cauldron.The reason why the owner says "I want you to pay more attention to noodles than soup" is because of raw noodles.2If you boil it by slowly drying it for a day, it will have a smooth and chewy texture like raw noodles.Ramen produced by a noodle factory in Hokkaido should be addictive once you eat it.

Also pay attention to the authentic "Canele" that inherits the recipe of a certain patisserie


The recipe was taken over from a certain patisserie in Imaike, which was regrettably closed, and the recipe at that time was faithfully reproduced.CHARLIE'S"Canele".1It has been on sale for about a year, and has been secretly popular due to the recent boom in canule.The surface is bittersweet and crunchy like a traditional canelé, and the inside is finished in a sweet custard dough with a moist feeling.The feature is the bottom that is surprised by the crunchy aroma.Floating crushed peanuts when baking, it has a solid response to eating.You can eat in and take out here.It goes well with the coffee of "Maruyama Coffee" mentioned above.

Not only the ones that the shop owner thought were delicious, but also the ones that impressed me when I ate them, and the products in attractive packages that made me want to buy something that I couldn't find anywhere else.CHARLIE'S".Favorite to enrich your daily life1Visit to find goods and small gifts for your loved ones.

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