Take-out menu of "TRATTORIA FRATELLI GALLURA" where you can enjoy the taste of a popular Italian restaurant at home



Authentic and casual Italian "TRATTORIA FRATELLI GALLURA" using seasonal ingredients and local seafood. The take-out menu, which started in the spring of 2020, has a reputation for being able to enjoy the taste of the restaurant at home.Here are three of the most popular items.

"Dantoyama Kogen Beef and Porcini Lasagna" with separate toppings

"Dantoyama Kogen Beef and Porcini Lasagna" (1,500Circle).

We have a wide variety of menus, from appetizers to pasta, main meat / fish dishes, dolce, bread, etc., to pasta sauce that can be cooked at any time with a frozen / vacuum package.TRATTORIA FRATELLI GALLURA"Take-out menu.Among them, the chef's favorite is "lasagna".Homemade pasta dough is kneaded and then left to rest overnight.The next day, it was made by taking the time and effort to stretch it with a pasta machine, boil it, cut it to an appropriate size, and complete it.The sauce to be combined is "Dantoyama Kogen Beef", which is grown in Mt. Takanosu, Shitara-cho, Kitashitara-gun, Aichi Prefecture, and has a rich lean meat taste, porcini mushrooms, red wine and porto liquor.A special sauce that combines bechamel sauce and tomato sauce made separately is finished, and by alternately layering with chewy pasta dough, brown mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella cheese, and Parmigiano Reggiano, it is finished in a fragrant "lasagna".

"Dantoyama Kogen Beef and Porcini Lasagna" is made by layering pasta dough, sauce, brown mushrooms, and cheese in a container that can be heated in the microwave.

In the case of mail order, frozen items are evacuated and shipped, and in the case of delivery service or over-the-counter receipt, they are provided in a ready-to-eat state, and herbs, pepper, and shaved Parmigiano Reggiano are attached separately, so after warming. If you sprinkle these on top of each other, you can enjoy authentic lasagna at home, just like you would meet at a store.

Dolce "Mango Catalana" from takeout that was born this spring

"Mango Catalana" to enjoy in a half-thawed smooth state (250g 2,000Circle).

"Crema Catalana" (250g 1,300Yen) and "Mango Catalana" are dessert menus developed as take-out menus.It has been well received and can now be eaten in the store."Mango Catalana" is a rich finish made by adding mango bures to simple ingredients such as fresh cream, eggs, and vanilla beans without using milk, because it takes time to complete.2Reservations are required at least one day in advance.Let the dough mixed with the ingredients sit overnight to soothe the taste, heat it with steam convection the next day, freeze it, and sprinkle sugar after the order is placed to finish the surface. ..Since it is a dessert that you can enjoy in a half-thawed and smooth state, it seems that it was born because it is perfect for takeout.After taking it home, cool it down and harden it.5~10It is recommended to return it to room temperature for a minute before eating.

Plus for pasta menu1,000It is recommended to enjoy with salad and bread in a circle

Foreground / "Scialatelli with squid ink and tomato sauce of Mikawa seafood" (2,000Yen), right back / foie gras and duck flower salad, left back / "homemade onion focaccia" and "baguette rabbit's boule" (with salad and bread)1,000Circle)

Plus for pasta menus such as Peperoncino and Penne1,000You can make a set of salad and bread in a circle.The photo "Scialatelli with squid ink and tomato sauce of squid ink and seafood from Mikawa" is a traditional handmade noodle "Scialatelli" from the Amalfi region of Italy.Cucina Italiana Gallura Chef Kenichi Morioka of "Hachiko Honten" offers pasta in the style he learned at his training destination, and you can taste the delicious sauce of seafood entwined with the chewy handmade noodles.In addition, the set bread "Homemade Onion Focaccia" is "TRATTORIA FRATELLI GALLURAA dish that is secretly popular.Focaccia with a moist and chewy texture is perfect for entwining the remaining pasta sauce and eating it.


Cool bag for take-out gifts (440Yen) is also available, so it is useful not only for home use but also as a souvenir.TRATTORIA FRATELLI GALLURA"Take-out menu.If you want to enjoy the taste of the restaurant at home, or if you have a small gathering, why not use it?

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